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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Pictures from the Garden

My wife tentatively agreed to do weekly gardening posts, but she chickened out, so we agreed that we would put up pictures on weekends to show the gardens progress. The thumbnails below are part of a new WordPress feature called “gallery”. If you click on any image you get an enlargement to about 640 pixels […]

Unlawful free speech

You have the right to free Speech as long as you’re not Dumb enough to actually try it. The Clash This ( Jailed for Protesting Gitmo: 34 Convicted for Demonstrations Outside Supreme Court) was passed on to me by a friend this morning. According to the article the 34 were convicted of “unlawful free speech”. […]

Friday Night Music-Everly Brothers

If I have any obsessive compulsive readers, they may have noticed that there was no Friday night music two weeks ago (or was it three?). I had prepared this post, but apparently never hit the publish button, so it remained, unbeknownst to me, in among the drafts, those orphaned pieces of writing that didn’t make […]

Missing plug

Yesterday I posted a video of David Sirota’s talk at the R.J. Julia Bookstore, and today like magic I have a comment from the store’s marketing manager. While I’m sure his comment was posted for strictly disinterested reasons, it did remind me that I should have put in a plug for R.J. Julia’s, which is […]

GOSA does it again

The Groton Open Spaces Association has succeeded in beating yet another developer. It recently completed the purchase of the Merritt Property at the top of Fort Hill, between Fishtown Road and Route 1. Thanks to the efforts of GOSA, huge chunks of Fort Hill have been saved from being McMansionized. In addition to saving so […]

Sirota and Lamont in Madison

My wife and I were in Madison last night, at R.J. Julia’s Bookstore, to see and David Sirota talk about this new book, The Uprising. Ned Lamont introduced him, after which he spoke for about 15 minutes. Following that, there was a Q&A session. I had my little video camera with me, and managed to […]

Hold that act of contrition

That’s more like it. John McCain says that, after all, the telecoms don’t need to say a sincere act of contrition, or even parrot the more common corporate insincere statement of contrition, before getting absolution for their sins: McCain’s campaign is now backtracking from the apology requirement. In a response to the Wired interview, the […]

Hagee: Hitler was doing God’s work; Joe: Hagee is doing God’s work

Last week John McCain saw fit to denounce John Hagee, the anti-everyone preacher whose endorsement he so eagerly courted a few months ago. You probably read the series of front page articles in the Times about Hagee’s hate filled message and the fact that McCain’s campaign was foundering due to the all Hagee all the […]

The War Prayer

Via the Washington Monthly, a Memorial Day sermon penned by Hartford’s adopted son, Mark Twain. The War Prayer:

Memorial Day 2008, Noank version (edited)

I seem to have a mental block when it comes to our hallowed Noank Memorial Day Parade. Last year I filmed the entire parade, only to find after it was all over that I had neglected to actually push the little button to start filming. So, last year, no clips at all. This year I […]