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Monthly Archives: June 2008

Here we go again

In the palmy days before Hillary dropped out, those of us who had accepted the reality that Obama had won the nomination figured that, with Hillary gone, Obama could concentrate on winning the general election. Who could have guessed that he would immediately start concentrating on losing. First he turned on his supporters, most famously […]

Reporting the needle, ignoring the haystack

First, let me start by saying that I have a great deal of respect for Ted Mann of the Day, who normally does very good work. So it is with some reluctance that I (if only figuratively) take up my pen to express my dismay at the article Ted wrote on the Unity rally (Unity? […]

Friday Night Music-Blues Project

Every week it gets harder to dredge up a different artist or group. Luckily there’s lots of good stuff out there. This week someone sent me an email and mentioned Seatrain, which I saw in concert a couple of times while I was in college. For some reason, maybe it was the fact that they […]

Legal Developments here and there

When you shine the light on these people they suddenly become reluctant to own up to the opinions they push so vigorously while under their rocks. A bit of John Yoo being questioned by John Conyers. Loathsome is the word. If Yoo tried this in a courtroom he’d be found in contempt for refusing to […]

Shoe drops at the Courant

A short while ago I briefly alluded to changes we could anticipate at the Courant thanks to Sam Zell’s keen appreciation for journalism. Today Editor and Publisher gives us the grisly details: In a memo to staff, first posted on the Romenesko site, Editor Cliff Teutsch has revealed plans to cut news pages from […]

Joe Must Go

As per the previous post, Chris Dodd has done Connecticut proud. It’s almost enough to help us forget that other Connecticut Senator. But not quite. Take a moment to go here and sign the petition, not that it will do much good.

Dodd speaks out on FISA

Chris Dodd’s website has the text of his FISA speech in Congress today, but the audio won’t play, at least on Safari. I tried to embed it in a post, but it was silent. Parts of the speech are on youtube however, and here’s one: Harry Reid is clearing the way for this bill. I […]

Dodd to filibuster, Harry Reid to subvert

You can see the endgame from a mile away. To his credit, Dodd has announced that he will filibuster the FISA legislation. Harry Reid has announced that he will co-sponsor Dodd’s amendment to strip immunity out of this legislation. Nonetheless, it’s clear that Reid stands ready to put the knife into Dodd, and to deliver […]

Confirming the obvious

The inspector general at the justice department has just confirmed an open (not-so) secret. The Justice Department has been consciously seeking to stock the civil service ranks in the justice department with conservative lawyers, without much regard to credentials, such as intelligence or legal ability. High-ranking political appointees at the Justice Department labored to stock […]

Nutmeggers smarter than almost everyone else (in the USA at least)

In its continuing drive to ignore actual current events, the Courant managed to stumble onto a fairly interesting story that reflects well on Connecticut: A poll released Monday by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life shows that Connecticut (along with Rhode Island), though still home to many believers, ranks near the bottom of […]