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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Can’t resist

Again, thanks to a reader that tipped me off to the latest rumors about Sarah Palin. This is the best account I’ve seen, though it’s also covered at Buzzflash. There are a number of things about the story that lend credence to the speculation, the picture at the linked article being one. Another is the […]

McCain examines Sarah’s qualifications

Sunday Morning Sermon

Via Pharyngula:

Market forces

Recently I was having a conversation with a friend. Actually, it wasn’t a conversation, it was more like we were taking turns ranting. It will come as no surprise that we were talking politics. During the course of the conversation one of us mentioned the Republican mantra that the market will take care of all […]

Daily Show on Palin

Jon Stewart and Samantha Bee:

Abuse of power in Alaska

There is a report, of uncertain reliability, that the McCain camp is only now sending people to Alaska to look into the Sarah Palin Troopergate scandal. If true, it would be unsurprising, as it appears that less thought went into this decision than I made today choosing an ice cream flavor at Salem Valley Farms […]

Friday Night Music-Bob Dylan

Okay, I’ve always wanted to post these two songs. Bob Dylan again, but let’s face it, he deserves it. Both of these songs are optimistic in their own way and, I hope, timely right now. The best my addled brain could come up with tonight to celebrate what may be the dawning of a new […]

Obama’s speech

For the record, I thought it was excellent. You can quibble about points he failed to make, or that he might have emphasized more, but he made his case and he put McCain in his place nicely. I don’t have the video skills, and didn’t tape the speech in any event, but I have a […]

Utter contempt for the American people

At least it wasn’t Joe Lieberman. 20 years ago (is it really that long) the first George Bush chose Dan Quayle as his running mate, primarily, it seemed and still seems, to avoid nominating anyone who could possibly be perceived as being better presidential material than himself. He had to look long and far, but […]

Economic Progress, McCain style

Hilariously funny. Don’t give up, the good part’s toward the end.