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Monthly Archives: September 2008

Absolutely amazing

I wonder if she asked her if she ever read a book:

The leader

Great video of McCain and his surrogates taking credit for passing a bill that later failed. When will they turn on a dime and announce that McCain was not involved at all and Obama injected himself into the process and screwed it up. Actually, they started on the latter part right away.

Dubious Achievement Award

Bush is going to sweep the table. There will be not a single facet of American life that has improved in the time he has been president. The stock market closed today down for Bush’s term.

Joe Courtney votes against the bailout

Anyone on Joe’s email list, which probably includes most of my readers, knows by now that Joe Courtney voted against the bailout, since he sent an email to announce his vote. You can verify it here, and yes, if you follow the link, the bailout legislation was attached to a bill: To Amend the Internal […]

Shorter Maureen Dowd

Barack Obama lost the debate because he didn’t spew snark like I would have done. Except, Maureen, he won.

The debate

Apparently, the conventional wisdom is coalescing around the idea that Obama was the winner last night, though maybe it’s just the blogs I read. Immediately after it appeared to me that the media was working overtime to make it a McCain win. I always hearken back to the Bensten-Quayle debate at times like that. The […]


Who could have known? From this morning’s Times: “The last six months have made it abundantly clear that voluntary regulation does not work,” [SEC Chairman Cox} said in a statement. The program “was fundamentally flawed from the beginning, because investment banks could opt in or out of supervision voluntarily. The fact that investment bank holding […]

Yet more bailout musings

A friend passed along this article from Counterpunch, which I am in turn passing along, because it is always good to know that there’s at least one other person out there, with more paper credentials, that agrees with something you’ve said. In this case, it is my recent post arguing that if we are going […]

Post debate

I can’t improve on what Digby has to say about the debate: It’s very hard for me to gauge this debate because to me John McCain is quite obviously a crazy, intemperate, nasty old bastard. He was sarcastic, contemptuous and patronizing. I really, really loathe him. But then, I loathe Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck […]


McClatchy is the successor to the Knight Ridder papers, which was the only major news organization with an ounce of skepticism toward the Iraq War when it was being marketed. In fact, its skepticism could be measured in pounds, while the major papers were enabling the propaganda effort. Given that background, I’m not terribly surprised […]