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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Obama seems determined

Laying down his markers.

Friday Night Music-Percy Sledge

Number One on the Big-D for an ungodly number of weeks in a row. When a Man Loves a Woman.

The non-Apology Apology

Last week the New York Post ran a scurrilous and racist cartoon. In the face of overwhelming public revulsion-it apologized. It was a classic blame the victim apology, implying as it did that anyone who said they were offended was not truly offended, and that in any event, the problem was with millions who saw […]

At least he didn’t kiss him

Check this out at My Left Nutmeg. I’m with one of the commenters. This looks more like supplication than a mutual embrace. God, Lieberman is a toad.

Jim Amann visits

Well, if Groton is any indication, Amann is not much of a draw. Granted, our Town Committee attendance is often dreadful, but we pretty much hit rock bottom tonight. I believe we had about 11 people in attendance, not counting Amann and his retainers. Even I sort of felt sorry for the guy wasting his […]

David Sirota wants a new job

Apparently David Sirota is a possibility for the 10:00 just after Rachel Maddow slot on MSNBC. Currently that slot is occupied by a repeat of the 8:00 Countdown show. He sent out a mass email about it, and I reproduce the bulk of it below. It certainly can’t hurt to have another progressive voice on […]

Obama 1, Jindal 0

Wasn’t it refreshing to hear a politician advocate for the progressive philosophy in an assertive and unapologetic fashion? The Democrats have been in a defensive crouch for 29 years, and have essentially ceded the terms of the national debate to the right. For a time there it became terribly un-hip to advocate for a governmental […]

Very Sad

My wife and I baled on the Courant about six months ago, but I still have a soft spot in my heart for the nation’s oldest newspaper. It’s unfortunate, but that title will probably soon be passed on to some other paper. Today, the Courant announced another 150 layoffs, including 30 in the newsroom. It’s […]

Coming Events

Gubernatorial politics are heating up. This Thursday the Groton Democratic Town Committee holds is monthly meeting at the Town Hall Annex. The meeting starts at 7:00, and at 7:30 Jim Amann will be there to try to get us to sign on to his delusional quest for the governorship. It’s at times like this that […]

Corporate America at its best

Via Americablog: I don’t practice in the worker’s comp area, but what little I know leads me to believe this would not be even a close call in Connecticut. I doubt that it will be a close call even in Arkansas. Why do they do this? They have nothing to lose. Their potential losses are […]