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Monthly Archives: March 2009

It’s that time again

Eyes tired straining at all those numbers in the Republican budget? Suffering from outrage fatigue caused by corporate bonus babies, zombie banks and zombie Republicans? Is even Keith Olbermann not enough to replenish your emotional batteries? Then join us Thursday night, when we will once again Drink Liberally at the Bulkeley House, 111 Bank Street […]

There but for the grassroots..

This blog started year ago partly in reaction to George Bush’s attempt to “privatize” (read “destroy”) Social Security after he received a mandate to do so by never mentioning the subject during his 2004 campaign. Luckily, that didn’t work out so well, at least for George, and Social Security escaped his tender ministrations. There were […]

Sunday Night Entertainment

Reagan Legacy

One of the most irritating things that Democrats do is concede to the far right’s claim that Reagan was a great president. He was half senile even then. He catered to racists, and made war on the environment and the middle class. It’s good to see a little pushback.

Local Boy Wanders through Europe

Audrey Heard sent this link to me a few minutes ago. It has very little to do with politics. It’s written by her grandson, Sam Greenfield, brother of Jay Greenfield, who was an avid volunteer campaign worker in Groton a few years back. Sam is a junior at NYU, but this year he’s studying in […]

City Headquarters Opening

A few pictures from the Grand Opening of the City Democrats Headquarters Opening. First, by way of a reminder that next month the Town Democrats will be hosting a fundraiser to honor the two Nancys, DeMarinis and Driscoll, here they are with Ted Moukawsher: While this picture doesn’t reflect it, the turnout was actually pretty […]

Groton City Headquarters Opening

Better late than never. I mean to put this up yesterday. The Groton Democratic City Committee (as distinct from the Town Committee, for those of you not familiar with the labyrinthine nature of Groton government) will celebrate the opening of their election headquarters (City elections are in May) on Sunday, March 29th from 4 – […]

High Moral Dudgeon in the Sports World

Sports writers as a group seem to have a marked capacity for moral outrage. Witness, just as an example, Mike DiMauro’s column in today’s Day, in which he expresses a high degree of outrage about a recruiting violation at UConn, the precise details of which I don’t care to know. This is not unusual for […]

Friday Night Music-Rick Derringer

I actually represented this guy many years ago. When he called me he told me he was Rick Derringer, expecting I would recognize the name, but it meant nothing to me (I don’t think I ever heard Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo), but I was mightily impressed when he told me he was the guy […]

Dooming us to repetition

Several days ago I wondered whether we really needed the various financial instruments that have led us into the mess in which we currently find ourselves. I am, at best, merely a relatively well informed citizen, but it has always appeared to me that these instruments serve no useful purpose. They simply allow their creators […]