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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Friday Night Music-The Drifters

Well, there hasn’t been all that much sun, but as I’m sitting here right now I can honestly say it’s sticky enough to make this song appropriate for the season. This is going up early today, since I may not have an opportunity to post it tonight. A great song.

Poor Obama… and why they didn’t have wine.

Mel Brooks may have been right about how good it was to be the King, but it’s not always that great to be the President. Consider today’s meet and greet among Obama, Gates and Crowley. Crowley had “Blue Moon”, a more than respectable brew that I personally foreswore only when I learned it was a […]

A Media Mystery

Why does Bill Kristol go on the Daily Show, not to mention Stephen Colbert? Is he a glutton for punishment. The poor fellow is hopelessly outclassed, as his latest round with Jon Stewart proves. Why must we turn to a “comedian” if we want to see one of these guys called to account? As a […]

Good-bye Jim

Jim Bunning is hanging up his glove. He won’t be running for re-election to the Senate. This is a good thing. I have never liked Jim Bunning. When I was just a wee lad I spent many a day in front of the black and white tube watching the Red Sox, and many a night […]

Now that’s catering to the base!

Great video from the Huffington Post During the election campaign I had the dubious honor of appearing on a talk radio show in which I was paired against some looney tune author of a scurrillous email that had made the rounds of the nutjobs. I didn’t know who the guy was when I agreed to […]

Dodd Speaks at GTDC Fundraiser

Chris Dodd came to Groton yesterday, to speak at a Town Committee fundraiser. I took a number of pictures, which you can view at the link here, or at the link on the upper left on my home page. Since I had the chore of sitting by the door taking money I couldn’t take in […]

Friday Night Music-New Riders of the Purple Sage

I’m not sure I want to make a habit out of this. Old rock stars, whether of the top or second tier, are dropping off with some regularity, so this feature could start to resemble the obituaries. John “Marmaduke” Dawson of the New Riders of the Purple Sage died recently, so it seemed appropriate to […]

Internet mysteries

As any regular reader of this blog knows, the average number of comments per post is zero. Recently, I posted a picture of a dazed bird, and wondered if anyone could explain the phenomenon. I got three comments (I’m not including one I put up to thank the first commenter for the helpful information) which, […]

Subprime candidate

Dave Collins reports in the Day about Andrew Lockwood, candidate for a seat on the New London City Council. Lockwood, who “earned” a law degree from the Massachusetts School of Law, an unaccredited (by the ABA) law school in Andover, MA. Since then he’s apparently flunked the bar on a number of occasions, which in […]

Dodd appearance in Groton on Saturday

I mentioned this some time ago, but it’s been a while so I’ll repeat myself. The Groton Democratic Town Committee is holding a fundraiser on Saturday, at which Chris Dodd will be the featured speaker. The event will be held at the Mystic Marriot on Route 117 in Groton (Groton gets no respect. Let me […]