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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Weird Constitutional Theories

Think Progress reports on a Missouri School District that forced its marching band to return T-shirts it ordered. The T-Shirt’s design is depicted below. The reason? Assistant superintendent Brad Pollitt explained that the t-shirts were banned because they were imposing on religious views: Though the shirts don’t violate the school’s dress code, Pollitt noted that […]

Free range kids

My wife and I subscribe to Funny Times, which is indeed funny. However, the current issue (not on line) has a not terribly funny, but entertaining interview with sometime Funny Times contributor Lenore Skenazy, who has lately earned the sobriquet: “America’s Worst Mom”. Her crime? She let her 9 year old son take the subway […]

Nature’s Bounty

My wife discovered these two gourds growing on the outside of the fence around her garden. They’re at least two feet long. I guess all this rain must be good for something. It’s surprising the deer don’t eat them, since they appear to eat everything else we would rather they leave alone.


My son says on his Facebook page that he attended a large pro health care event in New York City yesterday, which as far as I can see went unmentioned in the Times today. The sad fact is that without mention in the press these events may as well not take place, since if they […]

Gubernatorial Forum in Colchester

Sheila Horvitz, of, has written to let me know that her organization and the Colchester Democratic Town Committee will be hosting a gubernatorial forum on Monday, September 21st at the Colchester Library. I’ll check back with Sheila on the exact time, and I’ll post something again as the date draws closer. She asked if […]

The Church calls on Scalia to redress an injustice

The Boston Globe reports that the Bridgeport Roman Catholic Diocese is trying to keep the public from seeing internal documents bearing on the decisions made by the present Cardinal of New York relating to the assignment and re-assignment of child molesting priests: A Roman Catholic diocese in Connecticut has invoked the First Amendment’s separation of […]

Did it

Snow Leopard installed successfully on my Mac. So far so good, except the alleged quick install time (supposedly 15 minutes) is a fiction. It took almost an hour on both my computer and my wife’s. Everything seems to work fine, with the single exception of my blog editing software, which I will have to stop […]

Friday Night Music

A mini concert somewhat suggested by Teddy Kennedy’s passing. I think for a lot of us who lived through the turbulent sixties, his death brings back memories of former years and former Kennedys. First choice is obvious I guess. Dion singing Abraham, Martin and John. I guess now Teddy’s on that hill, though we can […]

Teddy Kennedy

It has been said (Shakespeare again, naturally) that “some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them”. But which applies to Teddy Kennedy? Born to a political family and practically fated to a life in politics, thrust to the forefront by the violent deaths of three older brothers, he ultimately […]

Why we need Health Care

You can never overestimate the heights of iniquity to which the American Corporation is capable of ascending, and, as a wise Connecticut Yankee once said, you can never go broke underestimating the intelligence of the American Public. Those two eternal verities are colliding once again, starting in Nebraska and Rhode Island, but soon appearing at […]