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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Yet another announcement

Teri Roper, a loyal Groton Dem, has started a new career, or at least a new avocation, as a filmmaker. She has produced a number of programs which are cablecast on Comcast in Groton, as well as Thames Valley (the public option). She has two programs that will be played on both systems public access […]

Your monthly reminder

Once again it is my duty to remind our liberal drinkers that it is time to drink again. Tomorrow night we can look fondly back to our October meeting, the last one before the 2008 election, when we were talking about Sarah Palin and Tina Fey. In fact, if memory serves, our meeting either took […]

Global Denying Chamber is on the Defensive

It is often the case that there are underlying trends that are at odds with what we see on the surface. For at least 20 year, for instance, the right wing fundamentalists dominated the legislative debate about homosexual rights, and yet somehow, below the surface, gay marriage (of all things) picked up an almost unstoppable […]

Dodd to be in Colchester on Saturday

A Colchester resident passes on the news that Senator Dodd will be at the Polish Club in Colchester for a pancake breakfast at 9:00 AM on Saturday. Apparently, he’s robo-calling local Democrats to invite them to join him. The club is located at 395 South Main Street. We’ve gone to events there in the past, […]

A Brilliant Young Journalist

A clip from The Young Turks, interviewing a journalist who shares my last name, and bears the burden of half my DNA. We only find out about these things from our Google alert, since he would never tell us about it. It’s a strange world when a multi-billion dollar corporation sends you emails to let […]

Senator Dodd to do live video blog tomorrow

This received via email from ctblogger: Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that Senator Dodd will bedoing a live video blog on MLN tomorrow at 5PM. As like last time, Dodd will be answering questions from the MLNcommunity so PLEASE leave a question for the senator in the commentssection of announcement post (at […]

Fuzzy math, indeed

Over at, Nate Silver has kicked up a bit of controversy over polling done by Strategic Visions. He makes a compelling case here that there is something very suspect about their results. He makes an even more compelling case here that at least one of their polls has results that are patently absurd. In […]

Norwich girl makes not so good

We don’t seem to make piracy pay. I’m sure I don’t know why, but we don’t.Gilbert and Sullivan, The Pirates of PenzanceNorwich has some dubious distinctions. It is the hometown of Benedict Arnold, who took the Norwich-New London rivalry to what some would consider an extreme, by burning New London. It now watches with fascination […]

Beatle Remasters

So, I was at Best Buy helping a neighbor buy a computer (a PC, mores the pity) and I saw the new Beatles remastered CDs. At first I was a bit shocked at the price, $30.00 per, but then realized that was for the records with the toy inside. If you just go for the […]


At Political Wire they write that this video suggests that the White House sent a cardboard cut-out to the UN. Alternatively, you can argue that if something works, you keep doing it. Personally, as someone who cracks camera lenses, I’m impressed that Obama can do this.