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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Friday Night Music-I Shall be Released

One of my rules for Friday Night Music (and all rules are for breaking) is non-repetition. I’ve tried not to repeat the same artists twice, even the sacred Beatles. Another rule is that the video has to actually be a video-no still pictures with the music in the background. Today I’m going to bend those […]

Colbert takes on Joe Lieberman

In case you missed it. Sorry about the commercial.

Some steps forward, giant step back

An Open letter: Dear Senator Dodd: I really wish you all the best. That’s why I wrote that resolution for which you thanked me so warmly at the event in Groton this past July. But you make it so hard. The knock is that you’ve lost touch; that you’ve been in Washington too long. That’s […]

What a shock

So Joe Lieberman is threatening to filibuster the public option. Some might wonder why he is taking this position, since as recently as 2006 he campaigned on a promise to give us a public option, when he promised: MediChoice to allow anybody in our country to buy into a national insurance pool like the health […]

Opt out

Just as a matter of public policy, I think the “opt out” idea is pretty stupid. But from a political perspective, it has some interesting possibilities. If the public option is a strong one, with reasonable premiums and good coverage, it will be extremely difficult for Republicans to opt out, particularly if it also represents […]

Good News, Bad News

The only thing keeping the inept Democratic Party afloat is the even more inept, and far more politically tone deaf Republican Party. Case in point, is the special election in New York’s 23rd Congressional District, made possible by Obama’s strategic elevation of its former Republican Congressman to a federal post. The 23rd is the most […]

Guest Post: Obama’s Connecticut visit

As I mentioned Friday evening, Groton Democrat Liz Duarte, was Ned Lamont’s guest at the Obama appearance in Stamford. I asked Liz to write something about the event, and I am pleased to present, live and unedited, Liz’s account of the night. I was pleased she could do this, as I had heard rumors that […]

Scott Bates says we should get out of Iraq. Remember Iraq?

If you didn’t notice it at the time, check out Scott Bates recent column in the Day. Scott points out that we have actually achieved all the goals (bullshit that they were) we set for the war in Iraq when we started it, and that it is therefore time to leave. Iraq has fallen out […]

Fruit Loops, a Smart Choice no more

When we (and that includes me, for sure) whine about Obama’s shortcomings, it’s useful to remember all of the important things that have changed somewhat below the surface, at least below the surface of everyday conversation or bloviating. A case in point is the fact that the corporate “nutritionist” front group Smart Choices has virtually […]

Groton Girl Hits the Big Time

Our own Liz Duarte sent this picture from Stamford, where she was the guest of Ned Lamont at tonight’s fundraiser for Chris Dodd. Seems she also shook the hand of a recent Nobel Prize winner.