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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Don’t forget

A reminder. Ned Lamont will be coming to Southeast Connecticut. If you are interested in meeting Ned and hearing his views on state issues (he’s exploring, as they say), here’s your opportunity. He will be at the home of Camille and Nick Burlingham, 9 High Ridge Drive, in Pawcatuck on Dec 7th, from 6 PM […]

The Way it Is

Mike Huckabee personally pardoned a guy with a long and violent criminal history who, if police suspicions turn out to be true, just killed four cops. Mike Dukakis was governor of a state whose parole board released a man, a fact of which Dukakis was probably unaware, who then went on to commit murder. Dukakis […]

Glass Houses

The citizens of Switzerland just voted to bar the erection of minarets in their country. The Muslim world is in a bit of an uproar about it. I’ll grant you it’s a trifle xenophobic. Well, more than a trifle. Still, it’s hard to see how the Muslims can complain, when there are Muslim countries that […]

The Price of Timidity

Or maybe it’s the price of deception. According to a new Daily Kos poll, the Democrats are still ahead in generic polling. The problem is that very few of them intend to show up at the polls in November, as compared to Republicans and Independents, both of whom intend to show up in droves. This […]

Friday Night Music-Doubleheader

A couple of minor stars in the 60s firmament. First, Lou Christie. Back in the 80s PBS ran an oldies special on which he appeared. He gave a great performance. Unfortunately, it’s not on youtube, so far as I could see. An interesting factoid I picked up looking through his performances: one of his hits, […]

Taxes are for the little people

There are few things more glaringly unfair in this country than the fact that hedge fund managers get taxed at a rate less than half of what most of the rest of us pay. According to this morning’s Globe, (Tax break on profits again in jeopardy) there’s a move afoot in Congress to change the […]

Happy Thanksgiving

I’m tempted to say that anyone who is reading blogs on Thanksgiving should be ashamed of him/herself. This is my favorite holiday, since it has resisted all attempts to commercialize it, unless you count the retailers opening on this sacred day to steal a March on Christmas. This year we decided to have an as […]

You heard it here first-or at least before you heard it here

Cruising toward Thanksgiving, with visitors arriving today and tomorrow, there won’t be much time for blogging. I need some time off anyway. Who knows, maybe the quality of this stuff will improve. Anyway, I noticed today that Alex Koppelman, at Salon, has endorsed Peter Beinart’s view, at the Daily Beast, that Joe Lieberman’s opposition to […]

Same as it ever was

There’s nothing new under the sun, as digby reminded us yesterday. Yesterday was the anniversary of JFK’s assassination. Here, as she points out, is a leaflet passed around in Dallas the day he was killed. Seems Obama wasn’t the first traitor we’ve had as a president. But check out the last item in the Bill […]

Simmons pledges fealty to the crazies

Rob Simmons apparently thinks that the road to the Senate lies through the teabaggers. He has sent a fundraising appeal pledging to be the guy who assures that the Democrats never get that 60th vote to advance their big government agenda. Here’s a snippet from his appeal: The fight in the Senate is just getting […]