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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Drinking Liberally-April Fools Edition

Some might say we are fools every month, but lets put that aside. Tomorrow we’ll have a special guest: Kevin Lembo, candidate for Lieutenant Governor. As usual, the festivities are at the Bulkeley House, Bank Street, New London, starting at 6:30. Everyone and anyone who tilts left is invited.

Water, water everywhere

We live across the street from a brook that empties into a cove on Long Island Sound. The brook drains what is reputed to be the highest (or at least the steepest) hill on Route 1, so at times like this we get a lot of water flowing by. Our house is the oldest house […]

This will come as a surprise to my wife

“Serious Dem”, the Merrick Alpert supporter, has written again. I find from his or her comments that I am-a woman. Or perhaps a girl. In any event, a female. I’m not sure what to make of this revelation. Naturally, I’ll need a whole new wardrobe, and my wife will need to make some adjustments. On […]

A bit of a disconnect

Someone named Victoria Jackson, who I assume is a singer of some renown, apparently recently serenaded some tea party yokels with a song that includes lyrics to the effect that Obama is a communist dictator who is taking us all to hell. Obama must surely be the sorriest dictator in the entire history of dictators, […]

Hey, what happened to my tax increase?

I spent most of my day at the keyboard, punching numbers into Turbo Tax. Last year we ended up paying both state and federal, so my wife and I increased our withholding, by about enough where we figured we would get a modest refund. Well, it’s higher than we thought, thanks in part to Obama […]

Merrick Redux

A few days ago I reported that the Groton Democratic Town Committee had endorsed Dick Blumenthal, along with a number of folks running unopposed for state or federal office. I noted, somewhat snarkily, that the vote was aimed at Merrick Alpert, which indeed it was. That post drew a rebuke from a “Serious Dem” in […]

GTDC endorses Blumenthal

The Groton Democratic Town Committee unanimously endorsed Richard Blumenthal for the Democratic nomination for the United States Senate. The endorsement was widely perceived as a blow to former GTDC member Merrick Alpert, in whose support no voice was raised. The committee also endorsed Joe Courtney for Congress, Nancy Wyman for State Comptroller, Andy Maynard for […]

Amazingly well preserved

Could this be true? Happy Birthday to My Happy Meal (via Americablog) If so, we really need good health care in this country.

Same as it ever was

A cartoon from 1934, unearthed by my wife.

For the record

Several publicity hungry attorneys general have filed suit to have the Health Care bill, or portions thereof, declared unconstitutional. They are using the same overheated rhetoric that the Republican Congresspersons and Senators used. To us sane people, particularly us sane lawyers, the idea that this mild mannered health care bill is an “unprecedented expansion of […]