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Monthly Archives: May 2010

One for the godless

The ACLU has won a preliminary injunction against the Town of Enfield, barring the Town’s Board of Education from holding graduation ceremonies in a church. I’ve attached Judge Hall’s decision, for anyone who cares to read it. Her description of “The Cathedral” is quite good. It perfectly conveys the fact that one any non-believer or […]

Schiff does happen

Peter Schiff is busy gathering petitions to get himself on the Republican ballot. He’s the true tea party candidate. Assuming that he gets on, and is willing to spend some of his own money, he could make the Republican primary interesting. He probably can’t win, but if he wants to have any chance to do […]

Something we need: A SWAT team of accountants

It now appears that the oil spill in the Gulf will continue unabated for several months, with BP’s cover its ass approach to containment the only relief in the meantime. Over at Pharyngula, PZ Myers has taken a break from his laudable efforts on behalf of cephalopods and against the forces of unreason to make […]

Friday Night Music-Memorial Day Edition

This being the beginning of Memorial Day weekend, I tried to think of some appropriate music, something that would hark back at least a little to the original purpose of the day. For the most part, the honored dead consist of the type of guy this song is about. Those graves are not full of […]

We think we have troubles

When events like Katrina, the Gulf Oil Spill, or phenomena like Global Warming get you down, remember, it could be worse-lot’s worse. Consider the theoretically possible, and now certainly former, inhabitants of the planet depicted below, which is currently in the process of being eaten whole by what may have formerly been a beneficent Sun. […]

Beltway wisdom

Colin McEnroe sums up the disconnect between the Beltway crowd and the people of Connecticut on the Blumenthal issue. This is chronic with the insiders, the best example being their absolute astonishment that the majority of people in this country were sophisticated enough to realize that they had a pretty good president in Bill Clinton […]

Chicken Republicans

The Republican Senators are all bragging about how they had Obama reeling when he came to lunch with them today. Of course, they insisted that it be closed door, so that no one can contradict them, but does anyone believe that the likes of John McCain or Bob Corker could shake Obama’s cool?

Simmons kinda, sorta exits

One can sympathize, at least in the abstract, with poor Rob, done in by big money. Then again, it’s his party that most definitely wouldn’t have it any other way. Democrats aren’t simon pure on the public financing issue, but at least they’re willing to talk about it. The fact that he merely “suspended” his […]

Something to ponder

This post by Matt Corley at ThinkProgress got me thinking. The subject is Rand Paul, the “libertarian” Republican candidate for Senate in Kentucky, and the fact that quite a few conservatives disagree with Sarah Palin’s view that Rachel Maddow was somehow unfair to him by asking about his opinions. Corley references a post by a […]

Backyard drama

I was doing what I do best on Sundays-reading a book on the patio-when I heard some squawking from the vicinity of an Alberta Spruce about 10 feet from the chaise on which I was reclining. I glanced over and there were two robins making a rather determined effort to take down a chipmunk, who […]