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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Andrew Sullivan will not give up

When the story first surfaced I was intrigued by the Sarah Palin Trig story. As you may recall, there was some speculation that the baby was not hers, given the disappearance of her daughter from public view in the months before the birth, and the bizarre story of the baby’s delivery-which included a trek on […]

Turning down something for nothing

If you’ve been reading Paul Krugman’s column, and more especially, his blog, you know that he has been decrying the fact that the G-20 countries have embarked on an austerity drive, just when running up deficits is precisely what the doctor ordered. Here’s his latest. It does seem counterintuitive to think that you can get […]

Preserving access

On one thing, both the left and the right can agree. The press in this country is dysfunctional. One can argue about the overarching narrative that dysfunctionality protects, but not really very convincingly. To the extent reporters are stenographers, they reinforce corporate and governmental messages. Huffington Post reports that Lara Logan has criticized Rolling Stone […]

Yet another suspect conviction

The Boston Globe casts doubt on an arson conviction of a man who has now been in prison since the mid 80s. It’s a familiar story-the primary evidence against him was a confession obtained after hours of police questioning. The details of the confession were are variance with the physical evidence at the scene, but […]

Whitnum still at it

I just got a robocall from Lee Whitnum, to the effect that there is Good News! There is going to be a hearing on her discrepancy charges. I confess, I instinctively did what I always do with robocalls, regardless of the source. In this case I shouldn’t have hung up, as I would be interested […]

Friday Night Music and a bit of mindless blather

I listened to this song a lot back in the day. At least, I distinctly recall the song starting, but by the time it ended – well, all I can say is that my memory is fuzzy. I can’t imagine why. Roundabout by Yes. On a more political note, I have, for the most part, […]

Not really very smart

Linda McMahon is accusing Rob Simmons of waging a secret primary campaign against her. There’s actually a kernel of truth to what she’s saying, but whining about it is a particularly stupid move on her part. She’s exacerbating her problems with Republicans and making herself look pretty petty to everyone else. She has a lot […]

Time for attack mode

Steven Benen points out here that Obama took what is, for Obama, direct aim at the Republican strategy of obstruction during his weekly address to the nation. That would be the weekly address that none but hard core political junkies ever watch. These types of “attacks” to the extent they can be dignified with the […]

Blumenthal on the Filibuster

My wife and I attended a Blumenthal fundraiser today. Before we went I told her I wanted to ask Blumenthal about the filibuster and the other arcane Senate rules that allow the minority party (when that party is the Republican party) to control the chamber. In the event, someone beat me to it. Blumenthal said […]

The Darkness Spreads

For better or worse, the United States has been the source of most of the world’s cultural innovations in the past century or so. On the plus side, we gave the world rock ‘n roll, jazz, and ..well, I’m thinking. On the minus side is just about everything else. Despite years of cultural imperialism it […]