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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Friday Night Music

I try not to repeat myself on this feature, which is getting harder and harder. I checked, and, surprisingly, I haven’t put up Jefferson Airplane/Starship before, at least not since I moved from .Mac to WordPress lo those many years ago. A couple of decent clips of some of their best songs, White Rabbit: And […]

Irony free zone

Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Admiral Mike Mullen are on the attack against Wikileaks, particularly its founder Julian Assange. While they are unable to point to any specific deleterious effect of the leaks (other than the exposure of the morass in which we find ourselves), they nonetheless are claiming that he has blood on his […]

Trickle down

Colbert on extending the Bush Tax Cuts:

This time I mean it

A hapless fund raiser from the DSCC just called me, and I lit into her about this (via Americablog): “It won’t happen,” said Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), who said she would “probably not” support an effort to lower the number of votes needed to cut off filibusters from 60 to 55 or lower. Sen. Daniel […]

Jarjura slime machine

We received the deeply offensive anti-Lembo mailing, courtesy of the Jarjura campaign today. It is frightening to think that in a race in which neither candidate is well known, and to which few voters pay much attention, this vile garbage could have a significant impact. What’s deeply ironic is the fact that Jarjura (you have […]

Echoes of the Pentagon Papers

Atrios suggests, in this tweet, that the ultimate reaction to the documents released by Wikileaks, about which Der Spiegel, The Guardian and the New York Times reported today, may be primarily about the propriety of the leak rather than the contents of the papers and what they say about our involvement in Afghanistan. That may, […]

A prediction for the fall

From Political Wire: President Obama and Democratic leaders in Congress “are setting the stage for a high-stakes battle over taxes in the final weeks before the November congressional elections, betting that their plan to eliminate tax breaks for the wealthy will resonate with voters who have lost houses and jobs to what many see as […]

A mystery explained

I love the Washington Monthly’s blog (Political Animal). I consider it required reading, and I think Steven Benen does some great reporting. Still, I marvel that a guy who has been following politics so long seems constantly mystified at the fact that neither the press nor politicians behave rationally; that politicians so often say things […]

Ned Lamont comes to Groton

Ned Lamont and Mary Glassman visited Groton today, holding a forum at the Groton Municipal Building. I must say that I think Ned’s stump speech has improved, and I am more and more sure that he’s the better of the two candidates. I’m particularly disappointed that Malloy appears to have decided to go negative. How […]

Friday Night Music

Have I already done Linda Ronstadt? I should keep a list. Well, she deserves an encore if I have, since she’s one of the few rock stars who could also actually, really, sing. Here’s a couple of songs from 1977 performances, Desperado and Blue Bayou: And one more for good measure, since I’m a big […]