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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Interim Report-The Ipad

As I mentioned at the time, I was among the very first recipients of an Ipad. Many of you are probably asking: How’s that working out. Well, none of you are really asking, but I’m going to tell you anyway, in case you’re contemplating getting one. When I bought the thing, which I’m using to […]

Krugman looks in the Crystal Ball

Paul Krugman makes a prediction that is terribly likely to come true. There are times when it’s hard to conclude that we are anything but f**ked. If the Iraq parallel is any guide, and deficits become intolerable for everyone, years from now, when the American economy is mired in a deflationary trap — long after […]

A new low for the New London Day

A few days ago the Day ran a headline stating that Glenn Beck drew hundreds of thousands of people to his rally for suckers, a claim belied by the article itself and the only scientific attempt (Approximately 87,000 attendees) to determine the numbers. I said nothing. But I can no longer hold my tongue. Today, […]

Some pictures from Maine

My wife and I went to Maine for a visit on Wednesday, to the Wells and Oguinquit area. I probably wouldn’t ordinarily post these pictures, but this is actually in the nature of an experiment. I recently downloaded a new app for my Ipad, called Blogpress, which is the first blog editor that I’ve found […]

Pretending it’s not there

This post from Paul Krugman got me thinking. The post features a youtube of Al Jolson singing Brother, Can You Spare a Dime, with lyrics penned by Yip Harburg, who went on to pen the words for The Wizard of Oz. The song tells the story of a the working men who served in World […]

The Times Gives Mehlman a Pass

Ken Mehlman, former head of the RNC, and architect, along with Karl Rove and a host of others, of various gay baiting and gay hating Republican initiatives, has come out as gay. This was an open secret at the time he was stirring up hate, but that’s another matter. Here’s what the New York Times […]

Friday Night Music-Judy Garland

This one was suggested by the Krugman post I referenced in my previous post. I know that we’re all supposed to believe that Citizen Kane is the best movie ever made, and it was a great movie, but for my money, the prize should go to the Wizard of Oz. How many times have you […]

Time for some leadership

Obama should fire Alan Simpson. It is rather incredible that he would have put someone on his deficit commission (a/k/a Catfood Commission) who had such a patently reactionary agenda, but it really is part of a pattern. The irritating thing about this “bi-partisan”, Pete Peterson dominated commission is that it is solely a creature of […]

New Feature-Southern Bumper Stickers

My brother in law is currently residing in the South. I won’t say where, for fear of exposing his identity. He suggested I might feature some literary classics from that region, in the form of its bumper stickers, which he will be sending along on an irregular basis. Bumper sticker thinking is simplistic at best, […]

Why is this on a comedy show

GIven Fox’s central role in stirring up this phony mosque issue, why does it take a comedy show to expose this: Perhaps for the same reason that the media, including Fox, can’t quite figure out why so many people think Obama is a Muslim. It certainly couldn’t be because their compatriots are telling people that […]