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Monthly Archives: September 2010

The way of the world, local edition

As regular readers, particularly my fellow Grotonites, know, the Groton Long Point police issue is a bit of a hobbyhorse for me. A few months back I was feeling great (and vindicated) because the Representative Town Meeting voted to end the Town’s long time subsidy of this unnecessary service to the most affluent of our […]

Let’s get serious

In my last post I said I didn’t feel like ranting, and I still don’t, at least not about anything political, but I must put in my two cents about a recent development in the world of the Ipad. The New Yorker now has an app. I just downloaded it, but unfortunately there’s no free […]

Ella Grasso Leadership awards

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that my wife, among others, was going to receive an Ella Grasso Leadership award. The awards breakfast was today, and I had to post something about this lady, who also won an award. Her name is Anna Harding. She is from Winsted, and here’s the write up about […]

Friday Night Music-Take Five

Back in the long ago, at least before Bitches Brew came along, if there was one jazz album in what was otherwise a collection of 60s rock, it was likely to be Time Out by Dave Brubeck. The album has certainly passed the test of time. It’s still great. The signature track was Take Five.

Socialism rears its ugly head

I sure can understand why that Wall Street fellow felt that Obama and his administration were using him and his ilk as pinatas. Just take a look at this morning’s Times: The initial public stock offering by General Motors will be smaller than previously suggested, and the federal government will most likely sell a relatively […]

Obama Fatigue?

As pretty much all the world knows, a woman named Velma Hart gave voice to what a lot of people feel when she spoke to Obama at a forum: Quite frankly, I’m exhausted. Exhausted of defending you, defending your administration, defending the man for change I voted for, and deeply disappointed with where we are […]

A bit more on Himes

Last week I wrote about the coming Democratic cave on the Bush tax cuts, and, among other things, I criticized Jim Himes for coming out in support of maintaining said tax cuts. I actually got a comment, the relevant portion of which reads as follows: Himes is in a difficult position when you look at […]

Guess I won’t be going

When the idea first surfaced, heaven only knows its origins, for Stephen Colbert to lead a rally in Washington to “Restore Truthiness” I was intrigued. The idea had a certain Abbie Hoffmanesque flair to it. As I saw it, such a rally in favor of a concept that is almost impossible to define seemed like […]

Try and Watch

I must apologize for failing to put this on my normal Friday Night Music Video. The Peckinpaugh campaign actually put out a press release and encouraged people to watch it, but quickly took it down after people actually did. My wife watched it just before they took it down, and, among others perhaps, alerted CTBlogger, […]

Friday Night Music

A few weeks ago, on my Labor Day Special, I posted an audio of Paul Robeson, but reserved the right to revisit him, since there was no video with the song I posted. So, that’s what I’m doing tonight. According to the liner notes of my set of Show Boat CDs (the John McGlinn reconstruction): […]