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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Final Days

Last month, when I stated my objections to the Stewart event (objections to which I adhere), I somewhat sanctimoniously stated that I would be here actually trying to restore sanity. At the time, I felt I was being a tad dishonest. Truth to tell, I don’t take to most of the nuts and bolts work […]

Friday Night Music, with an endorsement

I know the people of California have been wondering where I stand on the marijuana initiative. I figured I would wait and announce my position to a time when I would have maximum impact, and that time is now. In the name of Freedom and Liberty, in the name of restoring the country to its […]

Enthusiasm gap, CT style

Republicans to the left, Dems to the right. It’s been like this every night in Groton.

Martha Dean, courtroom wizard

Earlier today I was searching (in vain) at the Courant’s website for news of Martha Dean’s lawsuit against Jepsen, when I came upon this column by Rick Green, who has some unkind words to say about Martha. (So far as I can see, the case is still undecided, and is not even mentioned on the […]

Ethical and moral values

The full text of an article from this morning’s Day: The Republican challenger for the 39th District House seat has received several endorsements, including one from Newt Gingrich. “I am very pleased you share my commitment to transforming government at every level to save America,” the former U.S. Speaker of the House wrote in an […]

Obama to Democratic candidate: Drop Dead

Boy, this Democrat, a slimy worm named Frank Caprio, who’s running for governor of Rhode Island sure is a whiner, like all the rest of us Democrats that complain about Obama’s principle free, corporate based, tone deaf administration. This pitiful excuse of a man is complaining just because Obama won’t endorse him. What? He thinks […]

Eating their own

It’s something of a truism that revolutions eat their own, which is further proof, if proof be needed, that the American Revolution was a horse of a different color-a rebellion, but not a revolution. It appears that even billionaire funded faux revolutions may follow the same pattern, as Karl Rove is finding to his discomfiture. […]

Doctors on the Dole

According to Pro Publica, the drug companies are doling out millions of dollars to pay doctors to shill their products to other doctors. Apparently, the companies can’t be bothered to check into the credentials of their salesfolks, as Pro Publica found a number of doctors who were either not particularly qualified, or who were distinctly […]

Friday Night Music-Live From Sesame Street

Stevie Wonder

Can’t buy her love

Well, it looks like Linda has peaked and Blumenthal is pulling away. At this point, it seems unlikely that any new attacks will do much good; the folks who were susceptible to them have already been won or lost. One must wonder whether there will come a point when Linda will stop throwing her money […]