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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Corporations doing good

Sometimes corporations do good. It is almost always unintentionally, and always out of self interest, but nonetheless it can happen. We insignificant denizens of the internet have not been able to get the federal government to commit to net neutrality, despite the fervent promises of Democrats, at any rate, to promote the concept. Of course, […]

Restoring Sanity

Mean spirited, bad policy and bad politics. What could go wrong?

Some time ago Tom Tomorrow released a cartoon in which he speculated that Bush and Cheney, et. al., were actually aging 60s radicals who had plotted for years to get elected as right wing Republicans and screw everthing up, guaranteeing that the Democrats could take over and fulfill their radical agenda. The only problem, in […]

Friday Night Music-Johnny Rivers

Johnny Rivers made his name covering Chuck Berry songs, which he did skillfully enough. Sometime around 1965 he could be heard singing the theme song to a TV series imported from Britain, which was called Danger Man over there, but Secret Agent here. That series, starring Patrick McGoohan, was followed by the cult classic The […]

For this we can give thanks

It’s been dismal lately, but just before Thanksgiving we got a bit of news that gave us a little in the way of political good cheer. Tom Delay was convicted of money laundering by a Texas jury, in a case that seemed to defy the constitutional mandate for a speedy trial. Seems like he was […]


IOS 4.2 is finally here. I know this means nothing to you non-Ipad owners, but for those who do own the fabled tablet, this update is supposed to bring eternal happiness, along with 100 new features, though when they’re listed, they always seem to peter out at about 10. I’ll be fooling around with it […]

Forgotten again

I don’t know whether the NAACP’s complaints about Malloy’s transition team are valid, but as a Southeastern Connecticut transplant, I feel I must point out that, as near as I can see, Nancy Wyman hails from about as far to the east as anyone on the team, and Malloy really couldn’t not put her on […]

Spreading Memes

Paul Krugman comments on the fact that Obama has bought in to a right wing meme intended to discredit FDR. The argument they make is that FDR delayed taking action to deal with the Depression for six months, in order to build political support for the actions he eventually did take. There’s no truth to […]

Friday Night Music-Sir Douglas

The Sir Douglas Quintet consisted of a bunch of Texans who picked a British sounding name to try to ride the wave, so to speak. According to Wikipedia they had three reasonably good selling singles, but I only remember this one, She’s About a Mover, making them one hit wonders in my book, at least. […]

John Oliver comes calling

Consistent with Jon Stewart’s evenly-spread-the-blame call for civility, the Daily Show has come to Southeastern Connecticut to report on the recent actually civil campaign between Democrat Andy Maynard and RINO (and I write that with deep respect) Stuart Norman. This is the first time the Daily Show has visited our neck of the woods since […]