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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Friday Night Music-New Year’s Eve

There’s a lot of Christmas Music out there, and by the time Christmas actually comes around you get nauseous whenever the stuff is inflicted on you. New Years, or more to the point, New Year’s Eve is a different story. The Music is pretty thin on the ground once you get past Auld Lang Syne, […]

What’s this all about?

Today’s Times has a hit piece on Lanny Davis (Lobbyist’s Client List Puts Him on the Defensive) , the lawyer turned lobbyist who helped defend Bill Clinton during the latter’s impeachment. The article is reprinted in the Day, and, I imagine, in papers throughout the country. Now I have no brief for Davis or the […]

State of the Nation

The Holidays (or at least the Christmas part) are officially over at the CTBlue household; our last guest having departed this morning. Time for me to ease back into the world of blogging, spreading the gift of my punditry far and wide, like Santa spreading presents, or Republicans spreading lies. So I take this opportunity […]

A Brilliant Idea

This is the best idea I’ve heard in a long time. Brad Lander from District 39 on the New York City Council: Here in New York City, Mayor Bloomberg has proposed laying off over 4,000 public school teachers, closing 20 fire companies at night, closing dozens of child care centers, eliminating over 2,000 summer youth […]

Jon Stewart breaks the filibuster, why couldn’t Obama.

According to today’s Times, the First Responders in New York may have Jon Stewart to thank if the bill to provide medical care for them makes it through our dysfunctional Senate. Why? Because Stewart shone a light on a particularly nasty piece of Republican obstructionism, and he put a human face on it to boot. […]

Obama and Liberals

The Washington Post reports on how the White House has kept in touch with its base: Much of the White House’s interaction with liberal groups has taken place at a weekly meeting at a downtown Washington hotel. The “common purpose” gatherings are closed-door sessions between top Obama aides and officials from dozens of left-leaning interest […]

A refreshing piece of work

There is one news organization that makes it a habit to actually get at the facts, and ignore the right wing spin that everyone else reports in, at best, a “he said, she said” style, assuming that they don’t buy it hook, line and sinker. Not the New York Times, not the Washington Post, and […]

Friday Night Music, Christmas Again

I’ve probably done this before, but it’s one of the better rock and roll Christmas songs, and anyway, Christmas is a time for traditions. This is likely the last music post before Christmas, inasmuch as a week from tonight is Christmas Eve and I’ll be otherwise engaged, so to anyone reading this, have a Happy […]

They can dish it out, but they can’t take it

I realize that I should be writing about stuff that matters, but things are really just too depressing out there, what with the “compromise” and all down there in Washington. So, I prefer to celebrate a tiny victory. Down in Fort Worth, in Texas, the state where they inflict prayer on you at high school […]

It has served its purpose

Remember when the fate of America and/or Christianity rested on whether an Islamic community center would be built somewhere close to both ground zero and a strip club? Seems like a long time ago, doesn’t it? The threat is technically still hanging over us, yet for some reason it doesn’t seem to bother the bloviators […]