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Monthly Archives: February 2011

I stand corrected, and other random notes

A while back I said that the New York Times “sent its reporters into Wisconsin with orders to find some union members that would trash talk the public employees”. I was wrong. Turns out, as Keith Olbermann points out (yes, Keith now has a blog), that the Times was fully satisfied to settle for someone […]

Wouldn’t this be wonderful

Roger Ailes to be Indicted. I’ll believe it when I see it. I think IOKYAR runs too strong in this country.

Something completely different

My RSS feeder is clogged with feeds, to the point where I am “fed” about 2000 new articles a day, of which I can only read a fraction. Nonetheless, I keep adding to them, and I would plug the newest addition. By way of background, I enjoy science blogs, particularly those devoted to evolution. One […]

As expected

A brief I told you so. So far as the New York Times is concerned, yesterday’s demonstrations didn’t happen. Not a mention, so far as I could find. Maybe we should bring guns to our rallies, but of course if we did, we wouldn’t be justifiably angry Americans like the tea partiers, we’d be arrested. […]

Pictures from the Capitol

My wife and I went to the rally in Hartford at the State Capitol, seen below gloriously distorted by my new super wide angle lens. I mostly busied myself taking pictures of signs. A few choice ones below, and, if you’re interested, another page of them, complete with slideshow, at my MobileMe gallery, at this […]

Friday Night Video

Dedicated to John Stewart. Sometimes it’s just not appropriate to maintain your ironic distance and push the faux equivalency bullshit. Natalie: Pete Speaking of choosing sides, why aren’t there any big name Democrats standing with the people of Wisconsin? They’ll raise money off this situation, no doubt, but when it comes to actually standing up […]

Grandstanding in Wisconsin

Scott Walker is engaged in even more nonsense: Today, Governor Scott Walker signed Special Session Assembly Bill 5 which requires a 2/3s vote to pass tax rate increases on the income, sales or franchise taxes. But this is not, as Digby thinks, Wisconsin’s version of the California restrictions. In fact, it means nothing. Anything done […]

My outrage is so fatigued, it’s asleep

Nothing surprises me when it comes to Republicans, and frankly, I’ve lost my capacity for outrage. I listened to the “Koch”/Walker colloquy yesterday, and heard the bit that got the police chief of Madison upset, but frankly it never crossed my mind to be aghast at the idea of a state’s governor sending in goons […]

True Colors

Fairly incredible. A hoaxster from the Daily Beast poses as David Koch and calls Scott Walker. There are two parts. The youtube is titled Koch Whore: Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, and that pretty much says it all. The hoaxster, we must hope, did his research to get a Koch sounding voice and mannerisms, because otherwise […]

Lincoln on Labor

More proof, in any be needed, that the Republican Party is no longer the party of Lincoln. Full disclosure: the brilliant post to which I’ve linked was authored by my second son.