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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Friday Night Music

My wife and I just got home after two all day trips on the train up from Charleston. Dead tired, and home to a house in chaos. We’re having a new kitchen installed, and will be entering the modern age, where you can access things in your cabinets and a machine washes your dishes. For […]

More tornadoes in the Southland

As I write this I am sitting in a train station in North Charleston, SC. We heard on the news this morning that a tornado ripped through Alabama and is heading into North Carolina, possibly back to the Fayetteville area, where we were a few days ago, and which suffered tornado damage a short while […]

Vacation blogging

Some more pictures from the fair City of Charleston. This is the old slave mart. Apparently, in 1856, the city fathers decided, in their wisdom, that selling slaves in the open air was a bit tacky, so the sales had to move indoors. A few interesting structures : We took a cruise to Fort Sumter. […]

Noted in passing

The Supreme Court legalizes fraud. I sorta predicted this one.

Greetings from Charleston

Paul Simon was wrong. Nashville is not the cradle of the civil war. This is the place. Charleston, SC. We are staying at the Vendue Hotel, which is a stone’s throw from the water. They give you free wine and cheese at 4:00 PM. We were talking to the lady who was serving the wine […]

A Hellishly bad column

I have never before read a column by Russ Douthat, the columnist presently occupying the conservative slot at the Times. But I decided to do so today, since my wife told me that one of the people she follows on Twitter said his column today was the stupidest column he’d ever read. I couldn’t resist. […]

Heading South

We’re sitting in our hotel room in Washington. As I said yesterday, no tome to write, but I figure I’ll post some pictures. We left New London during a cold wet rain. But since the trip must be fully documented, I took a snot of New London’s truly beautiful train station from the new, incredibly […]

Good Friday Night Music

Last year we went down South to visit my brother in law, arriving on Easter Sunday, which was, last year, on the 4th of April. It was brutally hot when we got there. This year we’re repeating the trip, and will again arrive on Easter, which this year, by my calculations, is on the latest […]

But someone’s got to do it

The Pinheads step in The probably go home to a dinner of arugula and Valvoline

Say it ain’t so, Steve

Yoicks: A pair of programmers has discovered that iOS 4 devices are regularly recording their positions to hidden files, which reside on the devices and are transferred to any computer the devices are synced with during backup. Alasdair Allan and Pete Warden report for O‚ÄôReilly that while working on data visualization projects, they discovered a […]