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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Obama ready to give away the election?

It appears that Obama may be about to make a deal to get the Republicans to do what their banker masters would force them to do anyway. Apparently, the deal will include Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid cuts. Thus will he throw away the best issues the Democrats have for 2012. Since even the people […]

Cantor bets against the country

Nothing much to add to this. I’m just passing it along to see that it gets maximum circulation: Eric Cantor is betting that the country will self destruct. Last year the Wall Street Journal reported that Cantor, the No. 2 Republican in the House, had between $1,000 and $15,000 invested in ProShares Trust Ultrashort 20+ […]

Just a coincidence, no doubt

The Republican who knocked off Russ Feingold has found himself in a bit of trouble. He loaned himself $9,000.000.00 to run for the Senate. Then, after he won, the company he formerly ran paid him $10,000.000.00 in “deferred compensation”. The two numbers align up well, and suspicious minds might suspect that his corporation actually funded […]

If you can pay, you get the megaphone

If you’re rich enough, you get to shout. Most politicized Supreme Court ever.

Great column at the Day

I wrote a letter to the Editor at the Day last week. I never heard back from them and, what with one thing and another, forgot all about it. Then, there it was in this morning’s paper, promoted (I think it’s a promotion) to a guest commentary. Whatever, anytime I can call Joe Lieberman a […]

Connecticut has bragging rights too

Nice pictures from parade celebrating the gay marriage bill in New York. I was interested in this story in the Globe, in which several folks from the state to the North gloat about the fact that they beat New York to the punch. That’s all true, but I think Connecticut’s experience puts us above all […]

Friday Night Music

As my wife pointed out, the choice is pretty much made for me this week, given Clarence Clemons’ recent death. I realize he’s a bit of a second banana in any Springsteen video, but I decided to go with this one because of the great extended solo, not to mention the superior video and audio. […]

Who needs reality when you control the discourse

According to the CBO, if we simply do nothing to current law, meaning the Bush gift to the rich is terminated and doctor’s fees are limited as the law has supposedly required since 1996 or thereabouts, the deficit will disappear on its own. Even if we give the doctors a pass, the deficit is reduced […]

The Dems wake up and smell the coffee

TPM reports that the Democrats in Congress may be coming to the conclusion that the Republicans have no interest in fixing the economy. Excuse me, but if they’re just beginning to tumble to this now, then we have some seriously dim-witted people in the House and Senate. This has been official Republican policy, announced by […]

Another voice crying out in the wilderness

Must reading. A big time bond trader says the emphasis on short term deficit cutting is suidical. Our learn-nothing leaders, both the Republicans who are trying to destroy the economy (anything to destroy the Kenyan Marxist) and the Democrats, who always seem to accept the Republican frame, have ignored guys like Krugman and Baker, who […]