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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Back from the Shadows again

So, my wife and I were sitting at our dining room table, bitching and moaning about CL&P’s lousy repair record (according to their website, not a single customer in Groton had gotten power for about a day and a half) when suddenly, a fan went on. It took us several seconds to realize what that […]

Closed due to power failure

Realistically, I doubt that our power will be back before the weekend. Maybe, if I’m lucky, in time for Friday night video. Right now I’ve managed to get my iPad near free wireless, but more opportunities will be infrequent, so I’ll stay shuttered for the duration.

Some Political Predictions about the hurricane

What we might expect to hear: 1. Obama failed to take the hurricane’s threat seriously and failed to lead. Also, from the same folks, Obama overreacted. Also, still from the same folks, Obama should have left the hurricane to the professionals and by interjecting himself into the situation he was merely engaging in political grandstanding […]

Friday Night Music-Everything’s Broken

I’ve put up Ben Sidran before, and ordinarily I wouldn’t deem him worthy of a repeat performance, but his is the best video version of this song that I can find, and for reasons that should be painfully obvious to anyone with their eyes open, this song seems quite timely right now. I’m ordinarily an […]

Perry grabs the lead

Rick Perry is now the leading candidate for the Republican nomination, hopefully proving only that no one really likes Mitt, and they will consider any alternative, until that alternative demonstrates that he or she is insane, which, luckily for Mitt, they all eventually do. Still, as H.L Mencken said, “no one ever went broke underestimating […]

Inconsistent with Christian values

The Republicans continue to test the limits of what they can get away with, if they only wrap it in Jesus. Here’s a guy who says he stopped going to strip clubs when it occurred to him that his hobby was inconsistent with his fundie Christian values. Apparently, at some point he must have considered […]

A prediction

I’m easing back into things here, so I figured I’d start with some real fluff, and what’s fluffier than Sarah Palin? Talking Points is reporting that there are mixed signs about her intentions, but that there are indications that she will throw her bonnet into the ring come September. Personally, I hope she runs, and […]

Book review

We have returned from Vermont, and it is therefore incumbent upon me to return to this blog, though I’m sure there are many that would urge me to prolong my literary silence of the past two weeks. But, alas, it cannot be. I am still blissfully ignorant of recent events, except I’m aware that in […]

Ramblings from Vermont

We have had only intermittent opportunity to connect to the Internet this week, and have not bothered to watch the idiot box, so we have some blessed relief from the dismal news, though we have some intimations of stock market crashes, still crazy Republicans, and revolution in Britain. Since my knowledge of the latest events […]

Friday Night Music

Before I get to the music, I have to explain why this is going up so early. I got up at 5 in the morning and began my bike trek to Vermont, phase one to end in Amherst, where I am now. I booked a room at the Amherst Motel, where I had been told […]