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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Friday Night Music

This is dedicated to all those poor misunderstood Wall Streeters presently under attack by the proles in New York: As you can see here, they’re suffering terribly:

The emails keep coming

If you’re like me, and if you read this blog you probably are, your in-box is full these days. The hours are ticking down until the midnight reporting deadline for political campaign funds, and, judging by the emails, it’s a matter of life and death that I give today. I imagine the few right wing […]

The Grifter (attempts to) speak

Wow, when I first read this quote it was at Kos and I thought it was satire, perhaps someone channeling Garry Trudeau channeling Sarah. But no, it’s pure Sarah: “Is a title worth it?” she asked, rhetorically. “Does a title shackle a person? Are they someone like me who’s maverick? I do go rogue and […]

Between reason and fantasy, to the media the truth is in the middle

I glanced at the front page of the New London Day’s Perspective section and there was an article titled “Biologist who Challenges both Evolution and Religion”. (I have despaired of finding a link on the Day’s website, but you can read it here, where it originally appeared in the Times). Where, I thought, had they […]

A crime prevented

We here in Groton held a fundraiser last night, to raise money for the upcoming off year elections. It was a “celebrity” auction. Folks got to bid on items donated by politicians, etc., including stuff from Malloy (green tie), Blumenthal (not-green tie), Nancy Wyman (print), Chris Murphy (lunch), Joe Courtney (poster) and Denise Merrill (scarf). […]

Friday Night Music

Well, I’m really scraping the bottom of the back catalogue here, though I actually like both of these songs, and both of them were giant hits back in the long ago. They seem similar, in a way. Arrived at through some youtube stream of consciousness browsing. I always wrote these women off as one hit […]

Rick Perry comes close to speaking

I know this is unfair to the girl from South Carolina, who after all is not running for president, but I couldn’t resist.

The Order of the Universe has been restored

The Red Sox are blowing another season. I feel like I’m 28 years old again.

Willard back on top?

According to Talking Points Memo, Willard is on the rise: Mitt Romney is on the rebound in Republican primary polls. And there’s increasing polling evidence that he’s by far the stronger candidate against President Obama. Looks like there’s a pattern developing. The new guy or gal comes in and wins their hearts, but he or […]

Elizabeth Warren speaks

Send this lady some money. If I were Scott Brown, and I thank my good fortune I’m not, I would be very scared of this lady. I would also avoid a debate. The big question was what kind of a campaigner she would be. Just watching this, I think those concerns can be set aside. […]