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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Cain channels Clarence Thomas

We have strange rules in this country. A black conservative is allowed to charge that racism is at work whenever he’s attacked, even when, as in Herman Cain’s case, the attacks are obviously based on fact and race is not implicitly or explicitly involved. The correct response, apparently, is for whites, particularly liberals and the […]

Summer is well and truly gone

Our lawn sculpture appears to be weeping. He also appears to have a runny nose, which I didn’t notice when I took the picture.

Friday Night Music, getting obscure

Thank God for the power of Google. Periodically it has occurred to me to put up this song, but usually when I’m away from my computer. I always liked it, but I could never remember either the title of the song or the name of the band, though the lyrics (“the world is, a bad […]

Bank of America getting ready to stiff American taxpayers again

Matt Taibbi is urging Occupy Wall Street to encourage people to pull their money out of the big banks, starting with Bank of America, which has just, apparently legally, and with the encouragement of the Fed, just offloaded trillions of dollars of bad bets onto the taxpayers. Obviously Goldman, Sachs has become the great symbol […]

Only in America

This country is going certifiably insane: Under direction from Gov. Scott Walker (R), Wisconsin’s GOP-led legislature is drawing up rules to allow the public to carry guns into the state Capitol. As the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports, the Assembly plans to allow guns onto the Assembly floor and into the viewing galleries and are meeting […]

U.S. government to legalize lying

It’s always okay if done in the name of the security state: The Justice Department is proposing new Freedom of Information Act rules allowing the government to inform the public that records do not exist even if they do. The judiciary has rolled over and played dead while the government has kept its crimes secret […]

Just plain weird

In case you haven’t seen it. One of the most bizarre political ads ever made. Where do these people come from? Do you ever meet them in real life? How is it that they rule the world? Block is a creature of the Kochs, by the way. UPDATE: Colbert’s take: The Colbert Report Get More: […]

Documenting the atrocities, an exercise in futility

There’s a blog out there, whose name escapes me, which had a regular feature asking that readers document the atrocities committed weekly on the Sunday talk Shows. I’ve noted before that Steve Benen spends a lot of time doing exactly that on his blog at the Washington Monthly. He does it very well, as here, […]

NPR channels Joe McCarthy

This is why I don’t get all excited when I get fundraising emails telling me that the Republicans are threatening to destroy NPR. They already have.

Friday night music

Continuing with the topical stuff, and in further tribute to the occupiers throughout the land, one song that I should have thought of earlier and one that’s not quite on point, but is close enough. Both suggested, in one way or another from things I read wandering the web. The first in an opinion piece […]