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Monthly Archives: November 2011

We get letters

I got a fundraising email from Senator John Kerry, late of the Super Committee where he was purportedly one of the Democrats ready to throw us under the bus to achieve a pundit approved “deficit reduction” package that would sacrifice Medicare and Social Security in return for the promise from Republicans that they would think […]

Corporate Welfare on the grand scale

Must reading at Bloomberg, about the extent to which the Fed subsidized the too big to fail banks back at the time of the crash, putting to rest the oft told lie that many of these banks didn’t want the Feds money and paid it back as soon as they could. The amount of the […]

Thinking about flip flops

Yet another article documenting yet another flip from Romney, this time on immigration. It occurs to me that Romney’s history of flip-flops, in a way, documents the insanification (that word is copyright me, by the way, and is patent pending. Might not be as good as truthiness, but it gets the point across) of the […]

Who is this “Rick Perry” of whom you write?

What’s with the New York Times? Don’t they know that Rick Perry is so yesterday? The Times is running a front page piece on the way Perry’s military background (he managed to stay stateside like Bush, but did it in the Air Force) might shape the presidency that everyone now agrees will never happen.   […]

Friday Night Music

It’s been a bit of a hectic week, what with Thanksgiving and all, so I haven’t had any time to think about this. I did a bit of free associating on YouTube and came up with this, Chuck Berry and John Lennon singing Johnny B Goode.     

Krugman summarizes it

A friend directed me to the video of Sunday’s This Week with Christine Amanpour, which featured poor Paul Krugman sitting around a table with three Republican doofuses. This, by the way, is the typical Sunday show alignment. Conservatives must always be overrepresented. Krugman neatly summarizes the Republican dilemma: KRUGMAN: I have a structural hypothesis there. […]

Pepper Spray cop

These Pictures are all over the net, so I don’t imagine anyone reading this won’t know about them. This is the first one I saw yesterday, which in Internet meme time is about a century ago:       But so far, I think this one is the funniest:   

If only the Democrats would talk like this

Poor Wolfie can’t get his head around this. A liberal who refuses to be cowed into embracing compromise (defined as giving Republicans everything they want) for its own sake.     You have to wonder if Wolf is really as ignorant as he sounds, or if he just plays an ignoramus on television.

Newt goes for the grail

When I started this blog, it was partly in reaction to George Bush’s (remember him?) move to privatize Social Security. That effort failed, despite the initial reaction from “serious” Democrats like Lieberman that they must immediately compromise by caving. The party’s collective spine was stiffened by a lot of grassroots pushback. But, as I pointed […]

Changing the conversation

Over the last few days and weeks, I’ve noticed, or thought I noticed, a bit of a change in the national conversation. My impression, for which I had no solid evidence, was that the issue of growing income inequality and the disappearance of the middle class was being discussed more and more frequently in the […]