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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Friday Night Music, New Year’s Edition

Seeing that the New Year is coming, it’s only right that this week’s pick be somewhat appropriate. Other than Auld Lang Syne, which I would post only if tortured, no obvious candidates come immediately to mind. There are no New Year carols, after all. But choose I must. One must first determine, then, whether one […]

Republicans outsourcing the slime

We in Connecticut will likely not experience this first hand, except to the extent there’s some spillover from the Senate race in Massachusetts, but it looks like a pattern is developing in Iowa. The big money guys with the Superpacs are taking care of the negative ads, while the beneficiaries of those ads, mostly Willard […]

Who’s on this A team you speak of?

Steve Benen reports that Bill Kristol is still casting about for late entries into the Presidential sweepstakes, and apparently Kristol’s not the only one:   This comes, by the way, a day after National Review’s Rich Lowry ran a piece quoting “a pretty prominent conservative officeholder,” who conceded that when it comes to the Republican […]

Report card

If one aspires to be a pundit, one should, in my own humble opinion, be prepared to be judged. Unlike David Brooks or Tom Friedman, I feel it my duty to revisit my prognostications, to see how they hold up in the light of reality. Last year, I made some predictions about the coming year, […]

Europe Follows our lead

Floyd Norris, who usually, so far as I can see, makes sense, notes with approval that the European Central Bank has found a way to delay the day of reckoning in Europe: In recent weeks, the new president publicly insisted the central bank would never do any of the things that Germany opposed. The bank […]

The “Lie of the Year” is perfectly true

This could only happen in America: an organization supposedly dedicated to rooting out deception takes the position that semantics trumps reality. According to Politifact, so long as the Republicans call something Medicare the claim that they intend to end what we now know as Medicare is not only untrue, it is, among all the remarkable […]

One of our own hits the big(ger) time

Congratulations to Noank’s own Karen Buffkin:  Karen Buffkin of Noank has been appointed deputy secretary of the state Office of Policy and Management, replacing Mark Ojakian, who has been named chief of staff by Governor Dannel P. Malloy. Buffkin had served as Undersecretary for Legal Affairs for OPM. “I’m thrilled to be able to make […]

Friday Night Music

Okay, at first I figured I really should put up something Christhmasy, but then I remembered we liberals are waging war on Christmas, and anyway there’s one more Friday to go before the big day arrives. So I decided to stick to just regular music for one more week and do something seasonal next week, […]

Wyden steps up to help the Republicans

Ron Wyden (D? Oregon) has teamed up with Paul Ryan on a plan to destroy Medicare and deprive people my age of affordable heatlh care as we enter our “golden” years. But we can count ourselves lucky, as the plan is clearly the opening salvo toward returning those in the generation after us to the […]

I Pledge Allegiance…to anyone who asks

We learn here that Newt Gingrich just pledged to never ever commit adultery, among other things. Luckily, for him at least, he was not required to affirm that he had never ever committed adultery, but as the article at the link points out, this is still at least the fourth time he’s taken such a […]