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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Time to raise the minimum wage

I’ve been asked to say a few words about the struggle in our own state to raise the minimum wage. Much of the information I’m passing along was provided in an email I got from the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, which is hosting a website where you can sign a petition in support of Chris […]

Friday Night Music

There’s always a silver lining of some sort in almost any situation. The Trayvon Martin killing, despite the racism we’re hearing from the right, is no exception. At least from what I can see the reaction from the country as a whole has been remarkably post racial. In the old days a killing like this […]

Yet more of the comic side of Mitt Romney

As he says, it’s funny because it’s true.

Redefining the Christian brand

Ed Kilgore at the Washington Monthly points out that the right has successfully co-opted the term “Christian” to the point where the press and many corporations use the term to refer exclusively to the subset of Christians who are totally out of their minds. This is yet another example of the right’s successful abuse of […]

Romney: I won’t tell you what I’ll do, cause you wouldn’t like it

One way to avoid the need to shake your Etch-A-Sketch is to not sketch anything in the first place. Apparently, a sketch free campaign, at least on certain issues, is what Romney has in mind. As he explained to the Weekly Standard, in so many words, if he sketched out his plans, he’d lose. Poor […]

Facebook threatens, but likely bluffing

Facebook, it is reported, has threatened to sue employers that demand access to the usernames and passwords of employees or potential employees. Facebook would certainly have the financial wherewithal to intimidate smaller employees, but I would love to know, absent legislation, the nature of the legal theory on which they propose to rely. One suspects, […]

First they take Tom Paine, now it’s John Locke

A right wing blogger at the John Locke Foundation made a bit of news this week by posting a racist picture of Obama. I’m not writing about the racism, which is a bit like reporting the proverbial dog bites man (though, it would appear dogs bite men much less frequently than right wingers utter racial […]

Friday Night-No Music

Just got back from the JJB dinner, and my mind is not working well enough to come up with anything worth putting up. Next week all should be back to normal.   Instead I’ll content myself with putting up a picture of the Drinking Liberally contingent and add that the featured speaker, Maryland governor O’Malley […]

Very warm out there

I had to go to court in Hartford this afternoon. When I left the thermometer in my car read 86 degrees. It was very pleasant, but extremely unnatural. I’m assuming the folks on Fox and Friends will be acknowledging that an anomalous warm day proves Al Gore was right.

See no evil police chief steps aside

One small step for the good guys. A lot has been made in this case about the difficulty of prosecuting this case due to the NRA sponsored “stand your ground” laws. I full agree that they are evil, and anyone who would vote for one is a buffoon, but the evidence in this case seems […]