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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Chris Powell knows it when he sees it

Chris Powell, of the Manchester Journal Inquirer, has been threatened with a libel suit by the World Wide Wrestling company. The offending prose is as follows: If, having spent several times more money than had ever been spent on a campaign in Connecticut, a candidate isn’t known well enough, whose fault would that be? But […]

The Butler Did It

Seems there was someone at the Vatican with a conscience, who has been leaking stories to the Italian press about criminal activity at Holy Mother Church: The pope’s butler has been arrested by Vatican police on suspicion of leaking a large number of confidential letters addressed to Benedict XVI which have lifted the lid on […]

None so blind

Paul Krugman observes in his blog that we are being subjected to a new, and far more pernicious, kind of political correctness. Remember the furor over liberal political correctness? Yes, some of it was over the top — but it was mainly silly, not something that actually warped our national discussion. Today, however, the big […]

Friday Night Music-Father forgive me, for I know not what I do

I can’t help myself. Another dead rocker, and the choice is made. I actually think that the early Bee Gees stuff is superior to the disco dreck, but I can’t deny there’s something about Stayin’ Alive that is quite infectious. But then, so is the flu.    

What a guy

I subscribe to a number of Apple related RSS feeds, most of which are manned by Apple worshippers for whom Steve Jobs is a saint, and Tim Cook his anointed successor. I am hoping this is snark, but… Apple’s Board of Directors approved a dividend equivalent payment to employees holding restricted stock units, but this […]

No value added

If you’re a Daily Kos reader, you are no doubt familiar with the Daily Pundit Roundup, in which snippets of columns are featured. Today, Eugene Robinson is excerpted, the excerpt containing the following: There’s nothing inherently wrong with private equity, which plays an important role in the economy. This in a column in which he […]

Could it be?

Could it be that Mitt Romney will go the way of John Kerry, convinced either by himself or his handlers that he need not respond to attacks on his record? With Kerry, it was somewhat understandable. He, or his handlers, had a sort of naive faith that the American press would never allow a baseless […]

What religion is JP Morgan Chase?

Not to be outdone by Arizona, Missouri is getting deeper into the crazy act. The legislature there has passed a bill to keep women safe from any possibility that they might try controlling their own bodies: The bill states that no employer or health plan provider can be compelled to provide coverage _ or be […]

A gift for the Democrats

One nice thing about the modern Republican party is that so many of them can’t help themselves. They are reflexively pro-rich, and reflexively against anything more than one Democrat is for. Sometimes, they react before taking time to think, meaning they do quickly what they would do anyway, because true thinking is hard. Case in […]

Friday Night Music, with some old time comedy

Okay, this is in response to a request, and by way of proving that we can meet on some common ground, even with those with whom we disagree politically. A somewhat frequent commenter, who I think it’s fair to say never agrees with me on anything else, suggested I put up the Beach Boys. I […]