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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Friday Night Music

For as long as I can sustain it, I’m going to feature pieces by bands that have demanded that Republicans stop playing their songs. This first one may not qualify, as Paul Ryan has never, so far as I know, ever played a Rage Against the Machine song at one of his functions, but he […]

A lot of nickels

I can't resist passing this along. Not likely to be on a purely political junkie's radar, but I subscribe to a bunch of RSS feeds dedicated to computers. Seems there's an internet hoax to the effect that Samsung is paying Apple in nickels, and lots and lots of people believe it. You can read all […]

The plutocrats are flaunting it

Remember when John Kerry was caricatured as an out of touch elitist when he went windsurfing? And the press ran with it. One must wonder if we will hear more about this, or whether it will sink beneath the waves: Gov. Mitt Romney’s campaign toasted its top donors Wednesday aboard a 150-foot yacht flying the […]

New Blog Theme

For some reason the Blog’s title was ascending out of the title bar of the old theme, and I could figure no way of fixing the problem other than changing themes. Also, for some reason, the typeface has changed. Still working on that.  If the typeface on this looks odd, that’s why. As I do […]

I won’t be watching

Well, the fact is that we no longer have a television, but could watch on-line if we really cared to do so. But gone are the days when the Republicans let people like Pat Buchanan let the world see what the Republican party is really all about. Unlike Democrats, Republican’s learn their lessons, at least […]

Required Reading

I just finished reading Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz's The Price of Inequality. It really should be required reading for everyone, but at least for every Democratic politician, starting with the guy living on Pennsylvania Avenue. Oddly enough, there's nothing in the book that any progressive minded individual wouldn't know, but it's packaged persuasively […]

Friday Night Music

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about an art exhibit in Vermont featuring portraits of rock stars that died at the age of 27, which included the likes of Jim Morrison, Brian Jones, Amy Weinhouse, and a host of others. Last week I saw this video here, featuring another singer that died young, […]

It’s good to be a bank

For mysterious reasons, the media insists on spreading the government meme (apparently, since both parties were complicit, neither bothers to dispute it) that the government made money on TARP. Today’s Times for example: Sure, the bank portion of TARP has been profitable so far. The Treasury Department estimates that it will make almost $22 billion […]

Ryan Defers

What a strange country this is. We have a political party, whose members claim some sort of inside track to God. They speak in moral absolutes, yet they are, at times, oddly willing to "defer" to someone else's moral (if one can call it that when speaking of Romney) position. Consider Paul Ryan: Ryan, of […]


Why are all those Republicans urging Todd Akin to withdraw from the Senate race? He only said what they all purport to think. If life begins at conception, and they want the constitution to say that it does, then his position follows as the night the day. what he said was not much different than […]