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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Joshua Green succumbs to beltway dogma

I have usually enjoyed reading articles by New London’s own Joshua Green, but his column in this morning’s Globe made me wonder if he’s drunk that old inside the beltway Kool-Aid. I’m not taking issue with his main thesis that neither presidential campaign is being terribly specific about their prescriptions to cure the nation’s ills. Rather, […]

Heal yourselves

We’ve been hearing a lot about voter fraud from the Republicans, but it is little noted nor long remembered that what few examples we have of the practice have been committed by Republican operatives. In person voter fraud is almost unknown, except when committed by little Republican criminals trying to prove it could be done. […]

Friday Night Music

This is one of those stream of consciousness sort of things, starting with my ride home from work. My iPod is attached to my car stereo, and lately I’ve been playing things at random by spinning the selector wheel on the stereo and seeing what it lands on. It’s safer that way; less need to […]

Am I missing something here?

The rich have justified their lower rates on capital gains for years using some variant of the argument Willard trotted out on 60 minutes: Answering a direct question on “60 Minutes” last Sunday, Mitt Romney said it was fair for him to pay a lower tax on $20 million in capital gains than a worker […]

Something completely different

A local story in Smithsonian Magazine. Vampires in Jewett City. (For those not from the area, Jewett City is part of Griswold, and is not now, nor was it ever, actually a city)  Hat Tip to Matt Berger

It’s funny because…

It’s funny, because it’s true that it’s implausible but it’s still true.

Where do they find these people?

No comment needed: Mia Love has made her Haitian immigrant family’s bootstraps story the centerpiece of her campaign to become the first black Republican woman elected to Congress. But on Monday, Mother Jones raised some serious questions about the Utah congressional candidate’s public statements about her family’s immigration story, which she’s used to justify a […]

I should have gotten a copyright

Okay, so I went here today, and find to my surprise, that Jon Stewart has introduced a new segment entitled “Barack Obama is the luckiest dude on the planet” or something to that effect. Here’s the video: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c Democalypse 2012 – Every Which Way […]


A few observations about the campaign, and it is entirely coincidental that I am linking to a couple of stories from the Globe written by an excellent young reporter who shares my last name and half my genes. And it really is coincidental, sort of. First, a lot has been written about Romney’s lack of…how […]

Is that all she’s got?

Linda McMahon says that she is talking about the issues. Make that issue. No need for that troublesome “s”. And what is the issue? The fact that Chris Murphy got a mortgage with which only Linda McMahon has been able to perceive a problem. This is emblematic of the ideological bankruptcy of the modern Republican […]