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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Counting Chickens

Nate Silver has Obama’s chances at greater than 75%, so I am going to indulge myself a bit here. Back in 1960, John F. Kennedy said “Do you realize the responsibility I carry? I’m the only person standing between Richard Nixon and the White House. ” I remember reading that quote long ago, and sure […]

Power back on

Came back a few hours ago. We’re astounded, as we’re normally pretty much last in getting our power back, being on one of the most rural roads in Groton. However, for us personally, it could disappear in a minute, as a fallen tree limb is leaning against the wires running into our house. But right […]

Mixed messages

If you’ve ever given money to a political campaign-even one-then like me you are probably getting about thirty fundraising emails a day. Clearly, based on what I get, people’s respond to different messages. Consider the subject lines in emails I received one after the other: NOTHING CAN STOP US (all caps in original) We risk […]

Get ready for the post election battle

Paul Krugman notes that the Republicans appear to be stealing signs in Princeton: If you drive around Princeton right now, you may notice a curious thing: there are a lot of Romney/Ryan signs, very few Obama/Biden signs. Now, Princeton does have a fair number of investment bankers in residence, but it’s nonetheless a pretty liberal […]

Friday Night Music-Just for Fun

These days, my anxiety level is getting a bit high. Most of the time I just feel like curling up into a fetal position until 10:00 PM on November 6th, when, for better or worse, it will all be over. So, as far as music is concerned, I’m retreating into the past, into the glorious […]

A missive from Jackson Katz

I’ve been writing off and on about efforts hereabouts to spread word about a video made by Jackson Katz about the “family entertainment” Linda McMahon spewed forth at the WWE. I tried to email to him to get his support for our efforts to post the video, but never got a response. Most likely the […]

Bring on St. Thomas

Who knew that the thorny question of free will would become a campaign issue? According to Richard Mourdock, Republican candidate for the Senate from Indiana and crazy person (I know, I’m being redundant), if a woman is raped and gets pregnant, “It is something that God intended to happen”. Now that statement can really only […]

McMahon video still available

Despite the best efforts of the WWE to prevent people from seeing it, the video Only Entertainment? is still available. Susan Campbell, of the New Haven Register, has the story. That’s Groton’s Liz Duarte that she features. There are links to the video there. If you know any undecided women, or undecided enlightened men, get […]

Why we need those ships

Last night I posted about our internet problems. Shortly after we made an appointment to have a service person come out here to take a look, the problem cleared up as mysteriously as it had arrived, so we were able to take in the debate (we have no television) after all. I have to give […]

Closed for repairs

Our Internet service has been cutting out periodically. We’ll get five, maybe ten minutes of service, and then it’s down for half an hour or more. A service person is coming Wednesday, so until then, no posts. I’m just hoping I can get this up before it cuts out again.