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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Sarah bows out

Sarah Palin has been in the news lately for no longer being in the news. Providing, of course that you call Fox news. Mostly Sarah is now the butt of jokes, like here. Yes, Sarah is done. She made a lot of money, and may make more in the future, but her days of high […]


Paul Simon sang that we live in an age of miracles and wonders. And we do. But we also live in an age of awe inspiring insanity. The Age of Reason, which spawned this great land, has given way to the Age of Unreason. The latest example, which breaks new ground in legal unreasoning, is […]

Call me a cynic

Crotchety old man time. Today I received an email from my local bar association about a gun buy back program. I don’t question the motivation of these programs, but is there an iota of evidence that they do any good? I don’t have a gun. I do have an Ipad, which is getting old. If […]

Bipartisan fail

Looks like the cave on the filibuster is almost complete. It’s unclear if Reid was did it because he wanted to, or because he didn’t have the votes, but it’s definitely yet another bipartisan “solution” that will merely exacerbate the problem it purportedly addresses. I’m no parliamentarian, but even I can see that this only […]

Another meme debunked

I came upon this via Dean Baker. It’s worth reading, as it explodes another of the memes that gets endlessly repeated until it becomes something everyone knows, when there’s precious little truth in it. In this case, it’s the fable that jobs are going begging in this country because our school systems are simply not […]

Shameless muckraking at the Times

According to the New York Times, the recent “fiscal cliff” deal was a good deal for drug maker Amgen: Just two weeks after pleading guilty in a major federal fraud case, Amgen, the world’s largest biotechnology firm, scored a largely unnoticed coup on Capitol Hill: Lawmakers inserted a paragraph into the “fiscal cliff” bill that […]

Friday Night Music

Last week I wondered who did put the ram in the ram a lang a ding dong, and I got in answer in the comments. Turns out it was Cynthia Weil Barry Mann, this information coming via a commenter, who included a list of some of the great songs the co-wrote. Being as I’m beginning […]


As David Atkins, at Hullabaloo says, the Onion couldn’t top this, which actually appears in the Wall Street Journal: Poor, sad rich people. My heart aches for them.  Really, no additional comment needed, but speaking of the Onion, I read recently, can’t remember year, that this will be a year in which it will often […]

Connecticut Truther

This woman almost became Connecticut’s Attorney General: Go to Martha Dean’s Facebook page. That will be the only time you read that sentence on Daily Ructions. Dean, the 2010 Republican nominee for Attorney General has since Monday appeared to use her Facebook page to boost the vile conspiracy vultures gathering over Newtown’s Sandy Hook elementary […]

The Omnipresent Fox

My wife and I stopped at a Dunkin Donuts in Mystic on Saturday to kill some time while we waited for the train to Boston. The ubiquitous large screen television, a fixture nowadays even in some restaurants, was tuned in to the equally ubiquitous Fox News, which appears to be the station of choice for […]