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Monthly Archives: April 2013

A bullet dodged?

I am not a football fan, and I pay almost zero attention to the sport, even during the height of the season. Yet even I became aware of the threat to the future of our country posed by one Tim Tebow, an insufferable Christian. He was welcome to all the football success in the world […]

Friday Night Bonus Video

Stephen Colbert destroys Reinhart and Rogoff, in two parts: Part Two: What a strange world we live in. The comedians are the only ones who tell us the truth. If you’ve been following this controversy you may know that the New York Times has given the duo two columns today in which to defend themselves […]

Friday Night Music

I don’t live in Boston, but I’ve been a Sox fan all my life, so I’ve certainly had my heart broken there a lot and I feel like in some small way that it’s my fuckin’ city too. So, in case you haven’t seen them, here’s the folks in Boston affirming their resilience. I mean […]

An economic theory, revisited

Paul Krugman grapples with the baffling fact that austerity continues its grip on policy when it has been proven ineffective time and again: Part of the answer surely lies in the widespread desire to see economics as a morality play, to make it a tale of excess and its consequences. We lived beyond our means, […]

This is getting tiresome

There are times when a sane person can reach only one sensible conclusion about the Democratic members of the House and Senate: They are engaged in a silent conspiracy to put the Republicans in power. True, the Republicans make it hard for them, but the Democrats soldier on. Latest case in point, as many others […]

The SEC thinks about doing the right thing

In this morning’s Times we learn that the SEC is actually considering a petition that seeks a rule requiring the corporations to tell their owners (you know, the stockholders) which politicians they are bribing and which socially destructive causes they are financing. (Oddly enough, they are never shy about letting everyone know if they spend […]

Good riddance

Max Baucus, the West’s answer to Joe Lieberman, will be riding off into the sunset. Time to cash in for carrying all that water for the health care, insurance, and financial industries (to mention only a few). Why let former aides get all the money? No man has done more to undermine the Democrats from […]

Yet one more modest proposal

In all seriousness I submit that President Obama should send the following letter, or one like it, to the person was was recently elected to the Senate from Texas: Dear Senator Cruz: I am in receipt of your request for federal funds to help the victims of the recent explosion that took place in your […]

Friday Night Music

I spent some time perusing a list of songs about Boston, but truth to tell, I kept coming back to this one. These guys are a bit long in the tooth, and I don’t think it’s true that Boston girls still have to be in by twelve o’clock, but hey, those were different times. It’s […]

Truly Incredible

If you are still using RSS (I know, it’s so last year with Google Reader disappearing soon), add Wall Street on Parade to your feeds. Pam Martens covers all things Wall Street, and if you want to stay in a permanent state of despair about the country generally, and economic fairness specifically, you should read […]