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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Friday Night Music

This one is apropos of nothing. Sometimes I get desperate. I came across Kinky as I scrolled through my iTunes library, and I thought, why not?  

It’s good to make the laws

This is a good thing… California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones and state insurance regulators from four other states have reached a settlement of up to $2.3 million with Cigna over handling practices for long-term disability insurance. The settlement is the result of claims handling reviews by insurance departments in California, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. […]

A Riddle

What’s the difference between a bank and a crime syndicate? Did I hear “None”? Well, there is one. One has a banking license and one doesn’t.

A Dangerous Grifter

I’ve pointed out in the past that right wing grifters do more good than harm, siphoning off conservative money into their own pockets so that it can’t be put to productive political use. But there’s an exception to every rule, and this grifter may be the exception to this rule.

Great Minds Think Alike

Tom Tomorrow agrees with me:

An Unsung Hero

If you’re a Red Sox fan you may still be coming down from their dramatic, ninth inning, come from behind victory yesterday. You may be singing the praises of Iglesias and Ellsbury. Yes, they contributed their mite, but the real hero’s name shall never be celebrated, even here, though I can at least document the […]

Friday Night Music

I know it’s ghoulish, but my job in this feature gets easier whenever another aging rock star bites the dust. This week Ray Manzarek, a founder of the Doors, went to Rock and Roll Heaven, so I have an excuse to put up some Doors music. I didn’t even try to find stuff that featured […]

Just when you think.

…they can’t find anyone crazier than the last crazy person they’ve nominated for, or elected to, some office, the Republicans outdo themselves. The folks at TPM ask how hard do you have to look to find an African-American candidate who thinks the three-fifths clause in the constitution was a good thing. Well, the Virginia Republicans […]

Thanks for Nothing, Lord

I first heard about this story via a tweet that my wife forwarded to me from the inestimable Angry Black Lady. A condescending Wolf Blitzer asks the nice lady from Oklahoma if she thanked the Lord for the fact that she escaped death in the tornado. In fact, he asks her twice. But this hinterland […]

Modern Times

Two examples in this morning’s Times of the way in which rent-seeking is slowly draining the lifeblood out of this country. What is truly phenomenal is that one would expect this type of thing to have more deleterious effects elsewhere, for isn’t this the country that doesn’t have a tradition of bribery of public officials. […]