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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Enough Already

This past Sunday we had a chance to talk to Senator Blumenthal at a fundraiser in West Mystic. We asked him about the filibuster, an issue on which his position when elected was good, and on which he’s stood firm. Today we’ve seen yet another example of Republican misuse of the filibuster, or, as it’s […]

What Price Victory?

Now that the World Series has come to an end, regular blogging will be resuming at this location. We all have our priorities. Now, as a long time Red Sox fan I feel I can wallow in this win for a while, and even pronounce this post my obligatory, sometimes weekly dose of good news. […]

Nothing succeeds like failure

My most humble apologies if I have used this title for a post in the past. But eternal verities tend to get repeated. The New York Times reports this morning that some people are claiming that a little more inflation would be a good thing for the economy. I'm on the side of “some people” […]

The Fed delivers for its constituents

One of the hallmarks of our age is the propensity of our government to adopt Rube Goldberg solutions to problems that invite simple solutions. Obamacare could have been invented by Rube himself, and while there may be practical political reasons that justify the complexity, the fact remains that had we simply adopted Medicare for All, […]

Paranoia strikes deep, but sometimes misses the mark

Apparently I missed this when in happened. A woman came close to fainting as she stood behind Obama during a press availability during which he was touting Obamacare. Parenthetically, I've always hated this stunt, first pioneered by St. Reagan, of having common every day folks stand behind the President while he misleads us. But that's […]

Equal Justice Under the Law

As a certified bleeding heart liberal, I'm really not sure what to think about this: A former US campus policeman who pepper-sprayed peaceful protesters has been awarded $38,000 (£23,400) in compensation for psychiatric damage. Lieutenant John Pike received threats after footage of the incident went viral on the internet in 2011. It showed him casually […]

German Tax Dollars at Work

The saintly new pope has seen fit to put a German bishop on leave. Seems he forgot that vow of poverty they take. At least I was always told they took one: The Vatican has suspended a senior German Church leader dubbed the “bishop of bling” by the media over his alleged lavish spending. Bishop […]

Sometimes simple makes sense

An interesting post at Hullabaloo. Digby links to a commentary arguing that the unfortunate number of glitches affecting the Obamacare website are proof of, rather than proof against, the superiority of classic twentieth century liberalism over the weird mix of federal government, state governments, and rent-seekers that it has become trendy to think deliver services […]

Someone watches over us

Apparently someone once said, though no one know who, that “God takes care of fools, drunks, and the United States of America”. Given recent events, even we non-believers must pause and wonder sometimes. Consider this. The present day Democratic Party must be the most incompetent political party that has ever maintained its existence on the […]

Friday Night Music Returns

At least I think it will, assuming I can tie some disparate strands together. Now that Obama has won his victory over the contumacious tea partiers, we can safely go back to criticizing him for his many failings, chief among which is his coddling of Wall Street. Pam Martens, the normally sensible blogger at Wall […]