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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Friday Night Music

Well, this weeks choice should be no surprise. Pete Seeger died this week, so he’s the obvious choice. The folk craze crested just before I became musically conscious. I got my transistor radio when I was about nine, but if they weren’t playing it on the Big D, I didn’t hear it, and they weren’t […]

Yet another chapter of “What Could Go Wrong?”

Wall Street’s latest trillion-dollar idea involves slicing and dicing debt tied to single-family homes and selling the bonds to investors around the world. That might sound a lot like the activities that at one point set off a global financial crisis. But there is a twist this time. Investment bankers and lawyers are now lining […]

Banking going postal?

I mentioned a short time ago that I was reading Doris Kearns Goodwin's Bully Pulpit. I'm not still reading it. I'm not that slow. One thing I was interested in was the fact that both TR and William Howard Taft advocating postal banking, i.e., allowing people to open savings accounts at post offices. It was […]

Where will all our money go, long time passing?

Isn't it odd how so many plans to help the American worker involve giving their money to Wall Street?

Another map of the stupid

And more glory to our part of the country. Just recently I wrote about a recent study that purported to explain the red state divorce rate as a by-product of religious fanaticism. Well, here's a few more studies proving that we blue people are superior. First, check out the map at this link, which shows […]

Fuzzy math

Yet another entry in the totally not surprising category. Times Reporter Catherine Rampell reports that she has been totally unable to get at the numbers behind the oft repeated estimate that the NYC area will benefit from the Super Bowl to the tune of $550 to $600 million. Seems everyone who repeats the number has […]

No such thing as a corporate terrorist

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Defining Normal

Dean Baker has a lot to say about an article in this morning's Times about the current housing market, which, as he points out, seems to be written from the perspective of the mortgage lending industry. Dean quotes this statement from the article: “Tighter lending standards are shutting out close to 12.5 million consumers who […]

Friday Night Music

What can I say? It is cold outside.

Scientific proof that red states are full of yahoos

There is nothing quite so satisfying than having your preconceptions scientifically confirmed. Of course, when they are so confirmed, you don't question the solidity of the science. I've written numerous times about the fact that there is a clear difference between red states and blue states. By almost any commonly agreed metric, we are better […]