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Monthly Archives: February 2014

CPAC reverses itself: Atheists banished

A few days ago I noted that CPAC was allowing the American Atheists to have a booth at its upcoming convention, but not GOProud, a group of Gay Republicans. (That term should be an oxymoron, but oddly enough, it's not). l expressed some reservations about whether the Atheists had indeed gotten a booth, it being […]

CPAC makes its priorities clear

A few days ago they reported at Kos that a bunch of gay Republicans were absolutely delighted that they were going to be allowed to attend the next CPAC conference. The dispute with GOProud dates back to 2011, when a number of socially conservative groups, including the Heritage Foundation and the Family Research Council, objected […]

Capitalism at work

Now this is how it’s supposed to work. Plucky young entrepreneur finds a need and fills it.

They really should get their story straight

The New York Times expressed some reservations about the Comcast-Times Warner deal, which in any sane country would be illegal, and probably is, though no one will do anything about it. Among other things, the Times worried that Comcast might make use of its market position to extract money from services such as Netflix, destroying […]

The greatest grifter of them all

It's been a while since the subject of grifting has come up on this blog, but the practice is still alive and well out there. And truly I say unto you, this may be the greatest grift of them all. Ken Ham, who just lost a science vs. creationism debate to Bill Nye, is building […]

They really will never learn

I've made it clear that I'm not excited about the prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency. It's not at all clear the country can survive four to eight years of rule by Wall Street. Since, when all is said and done, the Street owns both parties, it might even be better for the country if […]

Billionaires at play.

Great read.

More red state/blue state

This is getting somewhat addictive. Yet another red state/blue state comparisons, with ever more predictable results. This, however, is what you might call the ur-text of these comparisons, the divergence among us from which all the others flow. Here, you see a map showing the geographical concentration of the percentage of people in the country […]

Romney Redux? Don’t count on it

Mitt Romney's minions are pushing to get him nominated once again, apparently, with Mitt himself playing the no doubt calculated role of the reluctant bride. Apparently they think the guy who connected so well with the American people the last time will triumph in 2016, given a second chance to get people to vote in […]

Friday Night Music, a Strange Double Header

We are currently celebrating the 50th anniversary of the arrival on these shores of the greatest popular music group that ever existed. I hesitate to call them the greatest rock ‘n roll group, because their range was so much broader, so in that narrow category we will let the Stones reign supreme. But no one […]