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Monthly Archives: March 2014

The right finally gets the joke

Apparently whoever tweets for the Stephen Colbert show screwed up, and sent out a racially offensive tweet, for which act many on the right (e.g., Michelle Malkin) are demanding that his show be cancelled. This can mean only one thing. They must have finally figured out that Stephen is not an actual narrow minded conservative […]

Stick a fork in him

(As Lou Reed would have said, we're he still with us, “he's done”.) If Chris Christie still has thoughts of becoming president he should, perhaps, think twice after the reception his “investigation” into himself has gotten from the media. See the headlines collected here. Before Christie's fall from grace there was a widespread meme to […]

God **** the pusher girl

(With apologies to Steppenwolf) I briefly noted this phenomenon a few weeks ago. I couldn't resist passing this along, culled from Daily Kos.  

Another story from the world of organized crime

In this morning's Times, Jesse Eisinger documents yet more criminal activity on the part of Goldman Sachs. Perhaps I should amend that and say it is activity that should be criminal, if it's not already. It is an opaque deal which, even upon full explication is sort of hard to follow, but as I understand […]

Follow those Bishops!

The American Prospect reports that American Evangelicals are creeping toward adopting the Catholic Church's position on birth control. The writer, Amelia Thomson-Deveaux, speculate that should the Evangelical leaders go that route, that they may be able to herd their flocks more effectively than have the Bishops: Given its pervasive use, it will be much more […]

Evidence 101

As most politically aware people know, Paul Ryan recently blamed inner city poverty on “culture, in our inner cities in particular, of men not working and just generations of men not even thinking about working”. It has been pointed out, entirely fairly, that this is a clear signal to the racists in his party that […]

Spring cometh, at least we hope

My wife and I are in the midst of our annual pilgrimage to the Boston Flower Show. Herewith a few pictures to give all of you other folks afflicted with Seasonal Affective Disorder hope.   Edited with BlogPad Pro  

None so blind..

Here's an actual quote from this morning's New York Times: Money laundering, market rigging, tax dodging, selling faulty financial products, trampling homeowner rights and rampant risk-taking — these are some of the sins that big banks have committed in recent years. Now, some government authorities are publicly questioning whether such misdeeds are not just the […]

What do the CIA and the lowliest bureaucrats have in common?

This morning I perused this post at Rolling Stone, highlighting 11 “Jaw-Dropping” lines from the recent speech by the loathsome Dianne Feinstein. You know the speech; the one in which she condemned CIA spying in the strongest terms, those terms operative only when they are spying on her. As for the rest of us, her […]

What ever happened to the liberal media?

David Sirota recently reported that an anti pension billionaire fronted the money for PBS to produce a series pushing his viewpoint as objective journalism. Now he's reporting that the McNeil-Lehrer NewsHour is actually owned (did you know someone could “own” a PBS show?) by the for profit right wing Liberty Media Company. Most Americans likely […]