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Monthly Archives: August 2014

A Labor Day Lament

Labor Day approaches, a day to honor the working person, who, nowadays, increasingly labors for the sheer emotional satisfaction work can bring, considering that the fruits of his or her labor increasingly go to the capitalist or the CEO. And surely labor can be its own reward, but when, increasingly, one's labor becomes more and […]

There’s still some bargains out there

The price of everything is going up (okay, not really, I know inflation is actually quite low, but lets put that aside), but the price for buying politicians has stayed remarkably low and stable. In fact, it may even be declining. Politicians can be bought remarkably cheaply, considering the return on the investment. Consider our […]

Stinkin’ to high heaven

A few days ago I made some observations about the extent to which a New Jersey legal firm whitewashing Chris Christie's role in Bridgegate was churning the file (at taxpayer expense, of course). The fact is, that sort of thing is business as usual for that sort of firm, and though outrageous, was not necessarily […]

Nice work if you can get it.

(Yes, I know I’ve used this title before. ) This is really quite extraordinary. I am a jealous guy. The law firm that represents Chris Christie on the taxpayer's dime has made a small fortune (Well, for most of us, a large fortune) off of a case that does not yet even exist. According to […]

Hoist with our own petard

The Egyptians must have enjoyed this.

Boys with Toys

Tom Tomorrow gets to the heart matter re: the militarization of the cops, in his most recent cartoon. There's no question that our racist culture allows the Ferguson police to have more fun with their toys than the cops who faced Clive Bundy, but the fact is that without those toys they wouldn't be able […]

Notes on the Primary

A few random observations after last night's primary, which we observed via the Internet (including texts from our friends) from way up North here in Vermont. First, on a purely local note, we might hope that the Day might take a lesson from the shellacking Betsy Ritter gave Bill Satti last night (20th Senatorial District) […]

Paul Ryan courts the huddled masses

Paul Ryan has some advice for his fellow Republicans: ‘‘We need to show that we have better ideas. We need to show that we have real solutions. We need to show that we’re the party of opportunity,’’ said Ryan, the vice presidential nominee in 2012. His upbeat tone and call for wholesale expansion of the […]

Greetings from Vermont

We have been in Vermont since Friday on our annual trek. Readers of this blog have been spared for the last several days due to the unfortunate fact that, over the weekend, we could not connect to the wireless network in the house we’re renting, due to a password issue. Thanks to the very helpful […]