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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Non Sequiturs anyone?

This morning's Times tells us that in Denmark McDonalds pays $20.00 an hour. Not, of course, because it wants to, but because it has to in order to do business in Denmark. It's employees can actually live on what they make working there. An amazing thing! The downside is that MacDonalds can't make the same […]

Some Connecticut History

So it seems some guy in London was getting his daily run, had his head down, and ran full steam into the British Prime Minister, whose Secret Service analogs were blissfully unaware that he was oncoming until the collision took place. Josh Marshal, at TPM, observed as follows: After what were likely some tense moments, […]

Tale of Two Parties

So I spent last evening at a Democratic Party training session for volunteer attorneys. The object of our endeavors on election day will be to make sure that people are allowed to vote. There is a fear that even here in Connecticut there will be a concerted effort by the Republican Party to suppress the […]

Fair and balanced everywhere we go

Paul Krugman took a plane ride, and was subjected (sound blessedly off) to Newsmax TV (no choice, everyone had to watch it), which he speculates is even more right wing than Fox: This sort of thing is obviously an important part of the reason we’re living in an age of derp. Events and data may […]

The Grifter Party

One advantage the Democrats have over the Republicans is that they are not afflicted with a swarm of grifters that specialize in diverting money intended to advance political causes into the well lined pockets of said grifters. Nothing suits them better than to advance the cause of a candidate with no actual chance of winning, […]

Truth is Stranger than Satire

A few days ago I made a modest proposal: that we should take immediate action to prevent Texans from entering the country in order to protect ourselves from the scourge of Ebola. You may recall at the beginning of the Obama administration Rahm Emmanuel was quoted as saying you should “never let a serious crisis […]

Dubious Achievement Awards

If, like me, you make at least a daily pilgrimage to Daily Kos, you are aware that David Perdue, Republican candidate for Senate in Georgia, is having some problems. He's a businessman, you see, with the kind of background that we are told we need in our legislatures. He proudly specialized, according to his own […]

Louisiana to Texas: We don’t want your garbage unless it’s radioactive

Every once in a while I'm surprised at the reach of this humble blog. A few days ago I sounded the alarm about the need to keep Texans out of the country in order to protect us from the Ebola virus. Well, when I came upon this story I could only assume that the attorney […]

Time to clamp down

DALLAS — A Dallas nurse who treated the Liberian man before he died of the Ebola virus last week has tested positive for the disease, officials said Sunday. Although the nurse was wearing protective gear, the director of the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Sunday that the latest report indicated a clear […]

Last night I went to a debate

Last night I attended the Ritter-Formica State Senate (CT -20th) debate. I find attending debates a frustrating experience, and this was no exception, for the reasons I'll get into. We were there (my wife and I), to support Betsy Ritter, a good friend, true progressive, and excellent legislator. But I'm not here to talk about […]