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Monthly Archives: February 2015

No surprises here: O’Reilly’s lies no problem for the folks at Fox

Yesterday, I argued that Bill O'Reilly would survive his exposure as a liar in the Brian Williams tradition. I take great pleasure in pointing out when I am right, so I am doing that now. The rules are different for Folks at Fox. O'Reilly's bosses are standing behind him, for exactly the reasons that I […]

War hero O’Reilly shows Brian Williams how it’s done

If you are not a devoted blogaholic you may not even know that Bill O'Reilly is facing criticism for having lied about his journalistic combat experience. His lies rivaled if not surpassed Brian Williams wildest fantasies, claiming, for instance, that while covering the Falklands War hundreds of miles away from the Falklands someone pointed an […]

Republican woman breaks into mostly male winners circle

A rarity: a woman beats the odds, and appears to qualify for more than honorable mention at the Darwin Awards. Not surprisingly, she's a Republican: A low-level Republican official in Michigan was adjusting a gun in her bra holster last month when she accidentally shot herself to death, local newspapers reported. Christina Bond, 55, shot […]

Rubes waking up?

On a number of occasions (too lazy to provide links) I've given thanks to the scores of grifters who divert right wing funds from their intended use (subverting the Republic) into their own undeserving pockets. It’s dirty work, but thank God someone's doing it. Newt, Sarah, Ben and their lesser known direct mail kindred deserve […]

Don’t play that card!

The Republicans are slow walking the confirmation hearings for Eric Holder's replacement. According to reputed moderate Chuck Grassley, she must show that she is not Eric Holder. This is a curious thing, because if not for the fact that he is Obama's attorney general and/or that he is black, Holder is a guy that ordinarily […]

Sinners casting stones

When I saw this article's (White House to File Case Against China at W.T.O. Over Subsidies for Exports) title in this morning's Times, I immediately smelled a rat. The stench grew stronger as I read. I could tell by the title that this “case” was a PR move intended to smooth the way for the […]

This year’s grifter

Mike Huckabee has written a book, in which he proclaims the superiority of the Bubba, and he's getting some pushback. Jon Stewart pointed out the inconsistency between the Huckster's condemnation of Beyonce, given his own former role as a side guitar man for a performance of Cat Scratch Fever. Here, Huck is defending himself for […]

Schiavo redux

It has been great fun watching Republicans try to deal with the vaccination issue. The natural reaction of a Republican politician is to go with the crazy. If you are perceived as a moderate, like Chris Christie, you may literally embrace the chance to establish your insane bona fides, which is, of course, exactly what […]

Republican Logic

United States Senator (yes, let that sink in) Thom Tillis, believes that we should not have regulations requiring restaurant workers to wash their hands after using the bathroom, but we should have regulations requiring their employers to let the public know that their employees are not required to wash their hands after using the bathroom. […]

Catch-22, alive and well

This article starts out hopefully, but there's a catch: ALEXANDRIA, Va. — A federal judge expressed skepticism Friday about the constitutionality of the government’s no-fly list, suggesting that those who find themselves on it should be allowed a meaningful opportunity to clear their names. The lawsuit challenging the no-fly list, filed by Alexandria resident Gulet […]