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Monthly Archives: May 2015

The Bronze Rule 

Many years ago I read an article in Scientific American that has stuck with me through the years. The thrust of it was as follows: If you want to change someone’s (or a group of someones, e.g., the Republican Party) behavior, the best approach is tit-for-tat. That is, neither the golden rule (do unto others […]

Asymmetrical false equivalency

Today, at Hullabaloo, digby posts perhaps the 1 billionth blog post by a leftish blogger pointing out that the mainstream media (by which I mainly mean the Beltway media) has sacrificed truth to a false objectivity by claiming, against all the evidence, that the parties share equal blame for the dysfunction of the present American […]

Paranoia Strikes Deep

I’m no psychologist, but I’m guessing that this sort of thing is caused by the fact that a lot of my fellow white people feel threatened and are just sure that now that there’s a black President, the country they think they used to run is out to get them: A gathering of western Arizona […]

Irish Eyes are smiling

This is what comes of lazy blogging. All day yesterday I was toying with writing something about the Irish referendum. Of course, I know absolutely nothing about Ireland, but this being America, that doesn’t prevent me from having an opinion. In fact, this being America, that means my opinion is entitled to more deference than […]

Krugman mostly gets it

Blogging has been sporadic, inasmuch as my days have been spent writing at work, so by the time I get home, I can’t stand the thought of getting near a keyboard. Today was one of those days too, but I have one pathetic post in me, so why not. I read Paul Krugman’s blog religiously. […]

Crime pays

So long as you steal enough. Not only does it pay, but if you reach the top of the profession, you don’t even have to worry about going to jail and, if you contribute money to NYU, you get an award. But, I am beginning at the end, which means I’m forgetting the White King’s […]

False choices

In my last post I made reference to a previous post, only noticing after the fact that though I’d written it, I had never pressed “post”. So, here it is, out of sequence, but what can you do: After I read this article about Obama chastising Democrats for opposing the corporate takeover of the world’s […]

Strange Bedfellows

That Senate has, at least for the moment, rejected fast track authority for the TPP. In my last post I observed that an unholy alliance between Republicans and Obama can only bode ill; the Republicans would have to have the chance to do a lot of evil before teaming up with Obama on anything, so […]

Some things considered 

Not necessarily thematically connected, but this is my blog and I can write anything the government will permit me to write. Obama is visiting serial labor exploiter Nike to push for his trade agreement. Nike is making promises about what will happen if the agreement is approved: BEAVERTON, Ore. — President Obama plans to campaign […]


It’s official. Bernie’s running, and although I wasn’t among the folks who contributed oodles of money the day he announced (I was a day late), I am enthusiastic about him. I said before that he probably doesn’t have a reasonable chance to win, but that the level of support he would get will be greater […]