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Monthly Archives: September 2015

The PR pontiff shows his true colors

As the (or should it be “a”) poet once wrote, “hope springs eternal in the human breast”, and it is that human foible which perhaps best explains the eagerness with which Americans of a not right wing persuasion have rushed to embrace he who is Pope only because his predecessor resigned to avoid exposure. Some […]

Earth to Francis: Heal yourself

As regular readers know, I’m not a big Pope Francis fan. He’s better than his recent competition, but that’s not saying much. Anyway, this sort of set my head spinning in disbelief: Havana (AP) — Pope Francis met with Fidel Castro on Sunday after urging thousands of Cubans to serve one another and not an […]

Shoot first and ask questions later

This is truly a sick country.

Student Loan Madness

Apparently, according to standard economic theory, the source of money used to purchase something, or invest in something, should not affect the price of that something. That is, over time, the cost of a given item or service should not rise just because most of the funds used to purchase that item or service comes […]

A simple question goes unasked

As I write, so far as I know, Kim Davis continues to rot in jail, and deservedly so. Throughout the debate over her claim that she gets to opt out of doing her job, and in the process impose her religious views on others, one salient point, has gone largely unremarked, so far as I […]

Village to Trump: You’re not welcome here

This brings back memories: Megyn Kelly might be getting a bit of a break from being Donald Trump’s main nemesis, because he was just kind of roasted by a bunch of foreign policy questions from conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt. At one point, Hewitt asked Trump if he was familiar with “General  Soleimani” and the […]

Reflections from Fantasy Island

Scott Walker, who has held elective office since he was 25, is not a “career politician”. Let Scottie explain: “A career politician, in my mind, is somebody who’s been in Congress for 25 years,” Walker said. via Some people have laughed at Scottie about this, but I fully understand where he’s coming from. You […]