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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Remind me of a folk song I once heard

When will they ever learn? Oh, when, will they ever learn?

Lying liars, but IOKIYAR

Those of us who survived the 2000 election recall the determined efforts of the media to paint Al Gore as a serial liar. Although he never said he invented the internet, they repeatedly claimed that he had, and cast him as a liar. There were other examples, most of them equally specious. But it became […]

Jeb! hands the Dems a talking point 

As all the world knows, Jeb! has turned out to be a terrible politician, the latest example coming yesterday, when he announced to a room full of supporters that his brother George (remember him?) was a case study in leadership. Now, if your brother was inarguably the worst president in history, and you were trying […]

Trump sticks up for Muslim women 

Trump said some stupid things in New Hampshire the other day. I know that’s not news, but since it’s treated as such, it seems to me that the media owes us a little context. Here’s the story from the Boston Globe, and for purposes of discussion, let’s put aside the sexism: ATKINSON, NH – Businessman […]

There’s no success like failure

The New’ York Times has a story today about a subject I’ve covered several times in the past (see category “grifters”): the prevalence of grifters on the right, who raise piles of money from the true believers, mainly to line their own pockets. They’ve gone into overdrive recently, and are now raising money with calls […]

Ryan Express derailed

Paul Ryan has agreed to be speaker of the House, so long as the members of his own party take a solemn oath that they won’t fire him. There is an interesting dynamic in all of this, leaving this pundit to wonder whether there is any way out, for the Republicans, and, more importantly, any […]

What, me cynical?

Apparently, there is a movement afoot to abolish tipping in restaurants, and we are supposed to believe this is a good thing for the employees involved. The theory is that restaurant should pay their employees a living wage, increase their prices to cover that cost, and we can then all be happy, knowing that we […]

Boy wonder with a tin ear

Anyone who lurks about the internet knows about Martin Shkreli, the guy who bought the rights to a drug and immediately jacked up the price by 4000%. The fellow has a bit of a tin ear, and it really seems that he truly can’t understand why anyone would find what he did to be at […]

Religious freedom takes another hit 

This is really unbelievable! A police official says brutal beatings that left one teenager dead and his brother seriously wounded at a New York church were part of what members considered a “counseling session.” New Hartford Police Chief Michael Inserra said Wednesday that both Lucas and Christopher Leonard were subjected to hours of physical punishment […]

Lindsay Graham to leave the Senate

Washington. In an announcement that shocked Washington, Lindsay Graham, (R-SC) announced today that he was resigning from the Senate for health reasons. Several days ago, Graham asked for disaster relief for South Carolina, which has been devastated by Hurricane Joaquin. That led to the following: Let’s just get through this thing, and whatever it costs, […]