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Monthly Archives: November 2015

All together now: Just a disturbed loner

From the New York Times: Officials from both law enforcement and Planned Parenthood said they did not know whether the group’s Colorado Springs center had been specifically targeted. But the attack carried echoes of other violent assaults on abortion providers, and it prompted the police in New York City to deploy units to Planned Parenthood […]

Yet another modest proposal 

The Black Lives Matter movement has been criticized for failing to advance concrete proposals to deal with the issues it’s raising. Here’s a suggestion that should, but won’t, give the critics pause. The group should demand the appointment of a special prosecutor in Chicago to pursue the murder prosecution of the cop who gunned down […]

A history lesson

I know it’s a waste of time to bring up facts when talking about Republicans, but sometimes you just can’t help yourself. Marco Rubio is quoted as follows on the issue of gay marriage: “The debate is about how do you define an institution, the institution of marriage, which has been defined the same way […]

Joe Courtney casts another awful vote

Yesterday I asked Joe to say it wasn’t so. I couldn’t believe he voted with the Republicans to keep refugees out of our country. Well, it was so. When my wife told me about the vote, she wasn’t specific, and I thought she was talking about this, mostly because I couldn’t conceive of him voting […]

Red states maintain their lead

I have from time to time advocated for the secession of New England (other blue states invited to join) from the rest of the Nation, on the general grounds that if we were not burdened by the stupid states of the former Confederacy (which, were it not for the need to eradicate slavery, we should […]

Say it ain’t so, Joe

I won’t go into all the reasons why this was a horrible thing to do. They have been amply covered elsewhere.  All I can say is that I’m ashamed that my Congressman has played into the hands of terrorists and contributed to a culture of fear.

A horrible, very bad idea

Smoking would be prohibited in public housing homes nationwide under a proposed federal rule announced on Thursday, a move that would affect nearly one million households and open the latest front in the long-running campaign to curb unwanted exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke. via The New York Times I am second to no one in […]

Big Numbers

As most of us know when we think about it, a million dollars isn’t what it used to be. Not that I would mind having a million or so, but nonetheless.. People have trouble with big numbers. It’s likely an individual thing, but for almost everyone there’s a large number that is emotionally indistinguishable from […]

Lindsey won’t be silenced, more’s the pity

There are times when I feel like beating dead horses, mostly because there are very few live horses left to beat. So, let us return to a recurring theme: media “balance”. If future historians ever spend time watching old television news shows, they will surely wonder why so much TV time was devoted to getting […]

He’s Number One

Hands down, the worst president ever. Yet, we have 15 potential presidents, all of whom could give him a run for his money, and one of whom will of necessity be nominated.