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Monthly Archives: February 2016

What a wonderful idea!

There are few people more fascinated with technology than me, though I definitely defer to fellow Dem Lon Seidman on that score. So, how could I resist this modern miracle: By connecting its latest water pitcher to the Internet, Brita is hoping you’ll never again stretch a filter too thin. The Brita Infinity is $45 […]

Getting ready for Hillary

Tomorrow is Super Tuesday, and unless I miss my bet, by the end of the day, it will be well nigh mathematically impossible for Bernie to get the nomination. The fix has been in for a while, given the existence of Super delegates, who are there to make sure that you and I have a […]

Proof positive, Trump’s a real Republican

There have been a lot of charges against Donald Trump. Many on the right have accused him of not being a real Republican (after all, he had good words to say about Planned Parenthood!!). Some on the left even harbor some hope that, if elected, Trump will do an about face and revert to some […]

Rubio, the moderate 

Paul Krugman noted recently that Rubio, the establishment choice and media darling, is hardly the moderate they are so desperately trying to make him out to be. He’s all they’ve got left, and he’s only hanging on by a thread. They still can’t bring themselves to cast Cruz in the “moderate” mold, and Kasich is […]

White male beats the odds

Times are tough for white males these days. They just don’t get no respect. Take serial murders, which unlike sports such as basketball, is totally dominated by white males. Time was that so long as you took two or three people down, you could count on front page headlines and a moment of fame far […]

Trump, the sometime soothsayer

A case can be made that of all the Republican candidates, Trump is the lesser liar of them all. Hear me out. There are certain lies that have become so ingrained in the Republican psyche that they have become articles of faith. There is objective truth, and there is Republican truth. No one, not even […]

Ding Dong, Scalia’s dead

My wife tells me I’m not the first person to hark back to the Wizard of Oz today, but since I thought of it before she told me that I can still say it was original with me. Sort of. Anyway, predicting what is going to happen going forward is far too easy. I would […]

Rubio: 300.01 on the DSM

If this is true, I have a question: Millions of people watched Marco Rubio’s televised tailspin in the opening minutes of last weekend’s Republican presidential debate — but what, exactly, they saw depended on the viewer. To rivals, Rubio’s reflexive retreat to the same snippet of well-rehearsed rhetoric — over and over, and over, and […]

Something happening here, what it is…

Well, you know the rest of the song, provided you’re over 60. Anyway, while the media is focused on which little Hitler will get the Republican nomination, the banks (remember them) appear to be headed for another crash. Here’s Krugman: While we obsess over domestic politics — not that there’s anything wrong with that, since […]

Rubio to world: Why’s everybody always pickin’ on me?

There are a lot of asymmetries in American politics. There are many things Republicans can do that Democrats can’t. Here’s a fairly graphic example:    That’s Donald Trump, along with Rubio, Carson and Cruz, standing while they play the Star Spangled banner, or pledge to the flag, or some such thing. Notice where Donald’s hand […]