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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Look on the bright side 

There is a bright side to everything, or, if we must sink even deeper into cliche, a silver lining on every cloud. Donald Trump may or may not be an existential threat (who really knows what he would do if elected?), but he has proven useful in some ways. When asked if he would punish […]

Donald lets me down

This is rather disappointing. Whoops. Turns out that running a campaign based on personality and free media, without much actual campaign organization, can turn around and bite you, something Donald Trump is starting to find out. Trump is winning primaries, but that’s not the whole ballgame. In many states, convention delegates are chosen after the primaries […]

Suggested Reading

I don’t know if this full article is available online to non-subscribers, but it should be required reading for all my fellow Democrats that try to peddle the line that Hillary is substantively better than Bernie.

Traditional Good Friday music and more

This is Good Friday, so like all good graduates of Our Lady of Sorrows grammar school, I must make note of the day. It is a day sacred to Christians. Even many of us heathens get it off, so I am able to sit here at home and write this blog post. I am not […]

A modest proposal: dealing with Trump

A very perceptive woman, with whom I happen to reside, pointed out to me that the Republican primary battles was like nothing more than the battles that take place on middle school playgrounds, a theme I used in a recent post. Donald Trump is the schoolyard bully, the guy who can zero in on the […]

Schoolyard rules apply: Trump vindicated

The Republican campaign has now gone beyond penis comparison and is now in the wife comparison stage. I leave it to better minds than mine to determine if the debate is now less elevated or more elevated (if the word “elevated” can legitimately be applied). Whatever the level may be, we are still firmly in […]

Yet another reason to vote for Bernie

Clinton and the Republicans compete for the position of Israel’s lapdog: At the annual AIPAC convention, the Democratic and Republican front-runners engaged in what might be called a “pander-off” as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump tried to outdo the other in declaring their love and devotion to Israel. Yet, what was perhaps most troubling about […]

Journalistic Ethics

What a great idea! Pam and Russ Martens speculate that Forbes may have pulled an article critical of JPMorgan because they don’t want to damage an interesting relationship they have with said JPMorgan. If Forbes doesn’t have to worry about a libel lawsuit, what else might be behind its rapid yanking of the article? As […]

Half right at the Economist

Over at Down with Tyranny, I had the chance to read something of the Economist’s reasoning for calling Donald Trump a global threat. Don’t get me wrong, he is truly a threat, but their list gives away a lot of what the fear of the Establishment is all about. While we’re worried about living in […]

Really unbelievable

It is both mystifying and inexcusable that Obama would do this: Democrats sitting on the U.S. Senate Banking Committee at Tuesday’s confirmation hearing to take testimony from President Obama’s two nominees for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) must have felt like they were having an out of body experience — listening to the human […]