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Monthly Archives: May 2016

We (apparently) don’t need no education

Apparently, that’s what our State Boards of Education, under Democrats and Republicans alike, seem to believe. It’s far more important to hand our educational system over the rent-seeking for profit (whether they call themselves non-profit or not), charter school chains. In Pennsylvania, the charter schools call the shots and the public school system is being […]

Impressive stupidity

Ask yourself, is there a tax break that benefits the rich that is so overwhelmingly stupid that even the Oklahoma legislature would repeal it? Believe it or not, the answer is yes. Last week, the Oklahoma legislature sent Gov. Mary Fallin a bill—at her request—eliminating just such a break: a state income tax deduction for […]

A real Clinton scandal?

It’s well known that neither candidate likely to be nominated by the major parties is particularly popular with the electorate at large. One major difference between them is that Trump actually has a base of people who are enthusiastic about his candidacy. Apart from some folks on Wall Street, there’s not a whole lot of […]

Your point being?

This morning’s Boston Globe has an article entitled In Custody case, Clinton took the side of a father. When she was a thirty year old lawyer Clinton represented a father in a custody case and she won. For that era, it was quite a feat. I didn’t do much family work back then, but I […]

Something completely different

Some time ago my wife and I gave a camera to my son that had belonged to my father in law. It’s a World War II era Leica. As part of the gift, we paid for refurbishing it, provided he did the work of finding someone to do it, which he did. In the course […]

Thank you grifters

Even grifters aren’t safe from other grifters: As Donald Trump rushes to start collecting the $1 billion expected to be necessary to compete for the White House, one of his biggest challenges may come from those claiming to support him. An increasing number of unauthorized groups are invoking the presumptive GOP nominee’s name to raise […]

More from the Cranky Old Man

This is so heartwarming: The day Rodrigo Heng-Lehtinen told his prominent parents about his new gender identity, he did so in a letter that he left on their bed. Then he grabbed a packed bag and, unsure of whether he would be welcomed back, went to a friend’s house to see if his family would […]

Cranky Old Man, post 1

This will be the first in a series of projected posts in a brand new category. In a few short weeks I will be eligible to begin receiving social security benefits. I have therefore reached the age at which all white males become privileged to become cranky old men. Many readers might claim that I […]

Aiming to lose

Here’s why l won’t give money to the DNC, DCCC, or the DSCC. The depressing thing is that a Hillary victory will mean four more years of this.

Is Facebook failing to meet Fox’s strict standards of impartiality?

So, it appears Facebook has been accused by some disgruntled ex-employees of liberal bias in its “trending news” section: Many people were rightly disturbed earlier this week when Gizmodo revealed that Facebook employees allegedly suppressed conservative news stories on the whim of their employer’s political leanings. As alarming as that story is, a new congressional […]